My Hero Word Scramble

Unscrambling words has never been so PLUS ULTRA!!!

Submitted by Lucasmh

July 15, 2021

Inspired: BNHA Speed Words (Vocab Game)

Estimated time: 10-20min

  • Introduce the game and divide the class into two teams, heroes or villains.

  • Demonstrate how the game works with the classroom slide. The teacher shows the word and the first team to unscramble it wins. Whichever side wins, click their team card to show they got the point

  • The game is divided into categories and you can change them as you see fit or add more if you want them. To get the cool comic font, try this site: (set the font to Mariadow style)

  • When you finish all the rounds, click the team that won for their title card

The red button on the slide pauses and restarts the music

  • Hilda November 29, 2021

    My students enjoyed playing this game. Thank you.

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