"My Favorite Things" Listening Activity

Using the song "My Favorite Things" from the Sound of Music - circle the word you hear!

Submitted by shinjirarenai

November 11, 2021

Estimated time:

I hurriedly put this worksheet together to kind of mix up what we were doing in my JHS special needs class.

Fairly simple - I've boxed out the areas where they circle which word they heard. We played the song multiple times and then went over it at the end to see if they caught what was being said/the meaning. You could just make it a blank space to make it more difficult and have students fill in the blank as well.

The second page was for if we had extra time - just includes them writing down a few of their favorite things and then matching some words from the song with corresponding pictures.

  • We did use tablets for this. Streaming from the teacher's tablet to their so we could seamlessly stop the audio/video at once. I chose to use the video with the lyrics on it, first having them listen to just the audio and then while checking comprehension we played the lyrics video so they could follow along.

  • I remember seeing something like this on some esl site and recreated it.


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