Have to / Must Cards

48 Cards to practice Have to and Must in all forms.

Submitted by altirasuto

November 22, 2021

Estimated time:

Another set of cards. One set with pictures and the sentence both on the cards, one set with just the pictures, and one set with just the sentences.

These sets have 48 cards each to practice have to and must. They include question forms and also the other meaning of must mentioned in the New Crown textbook (not sure if it appears in others) which is に違いない as in something is very likely.

Lately I've been using the set with the pictures and sentence both on the cards to play Go Fish with my special needs classes. Rather than games like Old Maid or Concentration, Go Fish has a speaking element so I think it's a better way to play cards in the class, though I understand it may be difficult to play it due to the level of the students or to make that many cards. In my case, the class I use these in only needs one set of cards and we review how to read each card and check the meaning before playing. We also play with the same cards for several classes to get the sentence pattern and meaning cemented in.

Drive folder of illustrations: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1Kq1LwCpx6POSCFbcb9ove5ZxG8x8U3sq?usp=sharing


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