Jobs - What do you want to be?

This is can be a review or a warm up game for the lesson "What do you want to be?" lesson for grade six. This is a 3 pics 1 word game.

Submitted by chacha

January 28, 2022

Estimated time: 5-10 mins.

Intended for:

  • Here We Go! 6 page 96
  • This is a 3 pics 1 word game. Three pictures will be shown and the students will guess the job by answering "I want to be __________." (e.g. I want to be a teacher).

  • 3 Pics 1 Word Game - JOBS.pptx (13 MB)
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    1. joyceisachoice February 4, 2022

      Love this idea! It's engaging and builds curiosity!!

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