What time is it? Random Clock

A clock that goes to a random time to practice telling time with students

Submitted by earthiverse

April 22, 2022

Inspired by: What Time Is It?

Inspired: It's Talk-o-clock!!

Estimated time: 5-10 minutes

Intended for:

  • Let's Try 2 page 14
  • Junior Sunshine 6 page 10

    Short URL:

    Enter the time that's displayed on the clock!

    If you hit the gear in the top left you can fine-tune the randomness, for example only generating :00 and :30 times.

    Teacher: What time is it?
    Student: It's 2:05!
    Teacher enters 2:05 and sees if it's correct
    Teacher: That's right! / Sorry, try again!

    1. crisxselda April 22, 2022

      amazing! as always 👏

    2. Aurora Edutainment April 22, 2022

      Very nice!

    3. Matthew April 25, 2022

      Choice will definitely use!

    4. Keith Miyazaki April 28, 2022

      Students can also play this as a class or individually on their iPads:

    5. AsakawaSune July 12, 2022

      This is great! I'll probably use it in the next unit with my 4th years!

    6. peterfox September 12, 2022

      Is this activity open source? I use it regularly as a warm up and would love to tailor it a bit for October and add some Halloween pictures to give my students a little laugh.

    7. earthiverse November 16, 2022

      @peterfox It sure is. I started remaking all the games in vue, but I haven't converted this one yet. I don't know if I will ever get to it, though, haha.

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