Mario Kart DS Quiz

Enjoy this popular activity based on the Nintendo DS version of Mario Kart. I have made a considerable use of its soundtrack composed by Shinobu Tanaka.

Submitted by onaka

May 11, 2022

Estimated time: 35 minutes - 50 minutes

This is a flexible quiz activity that uses writing and reading skills, and optionally some comprehension skills. It is useful for end-of-year purposes to review certain sections or grammar points in a very exciting way.

- a good PC, electronic board (or projector if you're from the 90s), and PowerPoint (2016 version or newer)
- 10 portable whiteboards, markers and erasers for students' use
- 2 sets of 10 printed and cut out Mario characters. It is recommend to have them laminated and have magnets attached to their back (view PDF titled "Mario Kart Characters")
- three large magnets of the same colour and one large magnet of a different colour

- There are four sections and each comes with four questions in the PowerPoint template. The first questions of each sections come with an example to give an idea on how to utilise the quiz. Each section can be organised by grammar point or program from the textbook. Complete the quiz by filling out each question and answer.
- Attach each Mario character to a whiteboard. Have the other set of characters on hand.

1) Divide the class into a maximum of 10 groups with their desks organised accordingly
2) Begin the slideshow. On the "Start Screen" click on "Player Select"
3) For each character that comes up, have the groups select a character. Once a character has been selected/appointed, provide the respective groups with their character's whiteboard, marker and eraser.
4) The blackboard will serve as a tally for the points. Draw a box representative of each group, and by order of how they are sat, attach their respective characters using the second set of Mario character cut-outs.
5) Click on the house icon on the top left corner of the slide to return to the "Start Screen". Then, click on "Game Rules".
6) In essence, there is no time limit for each question but the fastest groups receive points; hence, the Mario Kart aspect. It is recommended to award only the first four groups with points.
7) When a group has written their answer on their whiteboard, they are to come and show their answer to T1. If they are correct, T1 will award them a magnet, afterwhich they must put it next to their character on the blackboard. If a group is incorrect, they must go back to their seats and try again.
8) The fastest group gets a special magnet of a different colour. At the end of the round - that is when all the magnets have been awarded - click on the screen again to initiate the bell sound that goes "ding ding". All groups are to return to their seats. Click the screen again to display the answer and points. T1 can explain the grammar/answer as the ALT tallies the points next to the winning characters on the blackboard. Remove the magnets and give them back to T1 in preparation for the next round.
9) To award the item box prize to the fastest group, click on the item box once to display the prizes, then click it again to initiate spinning. Ask the winning group to say "stop" and click once more on the box to terminate spinning. Award the winning group with their special prize.
10) Repeat for each question. To make the game more interesting and fair, ask the T1 to stand in different parts of the class after each question or section.
11) At the end of each section, go back to the hub (slide 20) and click on the icon in the bottom corner of each section box to display the trophy.
12) After all sections have been completed, click on the "star" logo in the center of slide 20 to enter the prize-giving ceremony
13) Determine the winning groups and click on their abbreviated character names on the top left corner to award the top three places
14) Become super popular with this activity thereafter, I suppose.

  • Bonjure289 May 12, 2022

    Woah! This is absolutely amazing! Hopefully I can manage to find a way to use it for my elementary school kids. The skill and effort put into this is impressive, great job! And thank you for sharing

  • jiggswalsh May 13, 2022

    Top notch presentation!

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