Weather Word Relay

A game to be used for Grade 4 Let`s try! Unit 2 but can be updated for any grade. Basically, students race in lines to pass on the weather word and then place the weather on the correct day.

Submitted by Lorna662

May 27, 2022

Estimated time: 25 minutes including set up and weather word practice.

Im pretty sure Ive seen similar games on here and in the JET handbook, but this is my take on a weather word relay/race.

The aim of this game is for students to pass on the weather in a lined group by playing "telephone". I designed it with Grade 4 in mind for Unit 2 - Lets play cards for the Lets try! textbook. We played the game after introducing the basic weather words on posters (which I have also attached) with the HRT explaining them in Japanese alongside the English. I then asked the children to repeat the weather words a few times after me.

Prep work - For this game there is a little prep work needed before playing, which I have attached (most of the templates I used are from Twinkl but let’s keep that hush hush). There are five weather word cards (sunny, windy, rainy, cloudy and snowy), five smaller weather cards (same as word cards) and a Hows the weather weekly chart. The word cards need to be cut; these will be given to the first child in the line so when they flip the card, they will know what weather to pass down the line from student to student. The smaller weather cards need to be cut and magnets stuck on the back, these will be used by the last student to attach to the weekly weather chart. The weekly weather chart needs magnets stuck to the back also. You will also need to print out the weekly weather answer sheet - I backed this with card so the answer couldnt be seen through the paper.

Set up - I used the rows of desks in class as the students line groups for ease. I attached the weekly weather chart on the board in front of each group. I gave the smaller set of weather cards to the first student in the line and the word cards to the last child. The word cards should be stacked with the first answer (It`s sunny) first and so on, use the answer sheet for this. I put the answer sheet with answers facing the board up with magnets too.

Playing the game - After saying 3 2 1 Go the back students will flip the top card over revealing the first weather word (sunny). They will then tell the person in front of them Its sunny who then tells the person in front of them until the answer reaches the person in front who has the smaller cards. They will find the small card with the corresponding weather and attach it to the first day on the weekly weather chart on the board. Do this for all days and then check the classes answers by showing the answer sheet. To explain the game, I role played playing the game, flipping up the word card, telling each student in the line the weather and running to put the small weather card onto the board. Even if this doesnt fully explain it to the students, it will probably clue the HRT in who can then explain fully. I will say that this game ran smoother when the HRT was aware of the game instructions, so it might be worth role playing it for them before the lesson. Another way to explain the game was comparing it to the relay they do in sports day!

Tips and warnings - Make sure to give each line group a number and write the number above their weekly chart so they know where to put their small cards. After each weather word I asked the student in front to move to the back and every other student to move up one. As I did groups of five (7 groups in a class of 35) this gave every student a go at both roles. I reminded the class frequently not to mix up the word cards or look at them before their turn, they only need to flip the top card when I said go. It is also a good idea to ask them to discard the weather word previously used as not to confuse them.

Sorry for the overload of information but I like to waffle. Please let me know if any changes work better for you! The students (and teachers) really enjoyed it so I`m looking forward to using it again. Thanks, Lorna :)


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