How Many? Randomizer

An online how many randomizer activities to practice counting with students.

Submitted by earthiverse

June 3, 2022

Estimated time:

Intended for:

  • Let's Try 1 page 10
  • Word lists:
    Fruits -
    Stationery -

    Click the objects that it wants you to count. Then, type in the answer at the bottom of the page to check.

    Adjust the number of objects:
    Hit the blue gear at the top and enter the number of rows and columns you want.

    1. crisxselda June 6, 2022

      Love this! Will use it in class soon!

    2. Tohokuteach June 17, 2022

      It shows missing files instead of pictures for the fruit and stationery, I dont know if its my schools firewall blocking them or if the activity is broken.

    3. suzume June 17, 2022

      Both activities work for me at school using Crome.

    4. earthiverse June 20, 2022

      @Tohokuteach it's probably your school's firewall blocking '', which is where the images are hosted.
      I find it interesting that there are so many firewall configurations at the different schools...

      For example:

    5. jason June 20, 2022

      This is awesome! Thanks!
      I had an idea for a "blackout" button, that would hide the items on push.
      I showed it on the TV at the front of class. Once they got used to it, after a few seconds I switched tabs to hide the items. First, I had volunteers raise their hands and say how many they thought were there, then second I had them say how many they thought there were to their partner.
      If there was a button that blacked out just the items but still allowed to enter guesses that'd be amazing.

    6. earthiverse June 21, 2022

      @jason It is done. There's a button in the top right for you.

    7. sbrshteacher July 12, 2022

      This is great, thank you!

    8. amazingallen August 24, 2022

      This is great! However, is there a way to add more items? Apparently, there are three objects only, I wonder if we could add more. Thank you!

    9. jackfeschuk September 26, 2022

      Thanks for this! I have also taken screenshots of it and used it in lessons as just a still-image!

    10. leaveseclipse October 7, 2022

      That hide button is a game-changer

    11. earthiverse November 16, 2022

      @amazingallen Kind of, it's open source. has the current wordlists, more can be made.

      If anyone has a request for a new wordlist, @me on the Altopedia Discord in the #online-and-game-engine-development channel, that's probably the best way to contact me.

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