Jeopardy Book Review

Most of the words and questions are from the book of New Horizon 3

Submitted by shing

February 14, 2023

Estimated time: 50 mins

Play it with the warm-up Family Feud words.

  1. Group the students in any number you like.
  2. Let them play junken to know who will be the 1st,2nd,3rd.... players...
  3. Give them a number card (for them to raise if they know the answers)
  4. Let the players stand . Groupmates can help them.
  5. To make it more fun, (first round has 30 seconds time), (second round has 25 mins) and so on.... minus 5 minutes each round till they can no longer say 10 words.

After that, move on to the game. Jeopardy.

Medium files (requires an account to download) -
  • Jeopardy For Junior High School Students Mix Grammar.ppt (12 MB)
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    1. nnbndks February 14, 2023

      hello. I can't access the powerpoint. I don't know why. Is there any way to open your file? I think, this is a great way to review all contents. Thank you.

    2. hotokeki February 14, 2023

      I don't know if this is the case for anyone else, but I'm unable to run it! I thought maybe because our versions were incompatible, but no matter how I try to convert it online, I continue to get an error on all of the sites. Is there a way for you to format it in a different way or if anyone else has any helpful advice on getting around this issue to comment?

    3. jasonX February 14, 2023

      It doesn't work for me either.

    4. ch_armander February 15, 2023

      I can't open it either. It's most likely locked since the file is asking me to log in to open it. I know my work computer locks files so that they can't be opened on other computers not from the same school. Idk if anyone knows work arounds for that issue though.

    5. lsuna February 15, 2023

      It doesn't work for me either

    6. ALTPeter February 15, 2023

      I can't open this, or any of the OPs other activities.

    7. ChetBorneo February 15, 2023

      Maybe there could be a Report button for any submissions that are broken etc.

    8. ashgalethia February 17, 2023

      I'm also not able to access it. And i was excited to see the material

    9. Jake the Admin March 2, 2023

      I don't have Powerpoint on my primary system so I can't check, but I'll remove this activity (and all of the other activities on this account which are inaccessible) on March 9 if the files are still unusable.

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