Days of the Week Dobble (Spot It)

Dobble card set for days of the week

I have a keihou today so I am stuck deskwarming!

Here is a Dobble card deck for days of the week. You should have 3 days on each card. I am sorry the cards don't have outlines (but they should be 3x5 if you want to make a template). The circle format would not work for long words and I didn't want to just use the kanji.

Make sure to back these cards with coloured paper so you cannot see through them.

How to play Dobble:

Method 1:
-Distribute an equal amount of cards to students and place one card in the middle
-Students must look at their top card and find the match with the card that is in the middle
-Whoever shouts out their match first places their top card onto the middle card and that card becomes the new middle card
-First to get rid of their cards wins

Method 2:
-All cards besides one are in a pile in the middle. The middle pile is face down
-The teacher upturns a card and students find a match between those two cards
-The student who shouts the match first "wins" the card and keeps it
-Most cards at the end wins

Submitted by KobeALT June 2, 2023 Estimated time: 15 mins

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