Irasutoya retelling of a French Canadian tale - students have to write the story following what they understand from the images.

"La Chasse-galerie" is a popular French-Canadian tale of lumberjacks working around the Gatineau River who make a deal with the devil. (

I recommend printing each pages in color, on A3 paper, and to laminate them. By laminating them, the students can write with markers (makeshift whiteboard). If you are better at tech than I am, and so are your students, I'm sure you could do this on iPads as well.

There are 26 pages/images, but only 25 sentences to make (taking away the "The End"). For my class of 35 3rd Grade students, I had 11 teams of 3 and 1 team of 2. Each team had 2 pages (therefore at least 2 sentences to write) and my JTE had the remaining page. You can shuffle the pages if you'd like and give them randomly (eg.: Team 1 get p.1 and p.20) or give them in pairs (eg.: Team 1 get p.1 and p.2). I try not to give them any context, or clues about the story. They are allowed to walk around to see what image comes before or after theirs, but my goal is really for them to work on the first step of the top-down reading strategy. The JTE and I walk around to help.

If you have time durant that period, have them read the story. Ask the team with p.1 to stand up, show the image, and read their sentence, then the team with p.2, and so on. If you do not have enough time, ask the student to write their names and take a picture of each pages. Have them read the story the next time you see them, using the projector/monitor.

This can be a nice end-of-semester activity, as it doesn't specifically touch on one grammar point. It's a good opportunity for them to look around their brain's "English tool kit" to see what they can use to solve this "puzzle."

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