Picture Dictionary Animals & habitats [6th grade]

Cards to use for students studying about animals. Junior Horizon 6th grade.

::Laminating Alternative: I make cards slightly smaller than standard trading card size and then put them into clear card sleeves. Since I am a trading card collector, I recycle my old broken sleeves for this purpose.::

This animals and habitats come from the ones in the Junior Horizon Picture dictionary.

I usually have the students sit in groups and then take all of the habitat cards out and place then on the table. After that they deal out the rest of the cards to each other. Finally they take turns asking the nearest student where do ____ live? Then they lay the card in that habitat pile.

Later lessons I just give them one animal card and then have the students walk around asking where does it live and what do they eat, play rock scissor paper and winner takes all.

karta and other games may work as well.

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