I'm from~.

Simple rock, paper, scissors activity for elementary school students grades 4,5.

Simple activity for elementary school students grades 4,5.

Teacher sends the powerpoint file to all the students' PCs.
Students open the powerpoint.
Students click on "Read Only or 読み取り専用"
Students start the presentation.

When students click on starting the presetation a world map is going to open with only a small U.S. flag and several small white squares on it.
Students click on the U.S. flag to start the game.

Game procedure:

Students open the powerpoint and click on the small U.S. Flag.
A big U.S. flag pops up.
Students show the flags to their friends and say:

Student A says: I'm from the U.S.
Student B says: I'm from the Finland. (then they play rock, paper, scissors).

Let's assume that student A won.
Winner clicks on the big U.S flag.
The big U.S. flag disapears and a small Kenya flag opens. Student clicks on the small Kenya flag and a big Kenya flag opens, and so forth.
Loser stay in the same country until they win and move to the next country.

Student B says: I'm from the Finland.
Student C says: I'm from Kenya. (rock, paper, scissors).

The goal is for them to start in the U.S. and go all the way to Australia.

Variations: (Adjust the variations according the level of the class).

A: The U.S.

B: Kenya. (rock, paper, scissors). (Elementary School grade 4 level)

Higher level variations:

A:Where are you from? (Elementary School grades 4,5 level)
B:I'm from the U.S. Where are you from?
A: I'm from Kenya. (rock, paper, scissors)

A:Where do you want to go? (Elementary School grades 5,6 level)
B: I want to go to the U.S. Where do you want to go?
A: I want to go to Kenya. (rock, paper, scissors).


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