Character Looks

Students try to guess what character their partner is by using "Do you look ___?" questions.

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November 21, 2019

Estimated time: 20-40 min

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Originally submitted by Raymond Corrigan on June 14, 2010.


After handing out the worksheet, practice the following sentences:

  • "Do you look weak/normal/strong?"
  • "Do you look sad/fine/happy?"
  • "Do you look real/fake?"
  • "Yes, I do./ No, I don`t.
  • "Are you...?

Demonstrate how to play (see Teaching Suggestions below) then put students in pairs.

Students choose a character to be from the CharacterLooks worksheet, write the character's name in the table at the bottom of their page and fold the bottom of their page to keep it a secret.

Students janken to see who goes first. The winning student asks the first question, for example, "Do you speak Japanese?" After answering the question the Janken Loser asks their question. The answers students receive narrow down the character until they know who it is: "Are you Anpanman?"

The winner puts a circle in the box next to where they wrote their character`s name in Step 3. The loser puts a cross in the box next to where they wrote their character's name in Step 3.

Students find another partner and repeat from Step 3.


Use this demonstration in Step 2.

  • The ALT leaves the room and the JTE picks a character for the whole class to be. The whole class writes down this character in their table.
  • The ALT enters the room and plays Janken with the JTE. The winner goes first.
  • The ALT asks questions to the whole class. The JTE selects questions and the whole class asks them to the ALT. (Try to let the class win).


  • "Real" and "Fake" are used as easier ways of saying "lifelike/un-lifelike".
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