Over the last few months, several users have e-mailed me with screenshots or listings of the English textbooks they use in class, so I've added them to the site! Thanks to...

I believe those are all of the Junior High English textbooks in common use in Japan, but there might be others that I haven't heard of. If I've made any mistakes in the listings, or if you have another textbook, get in touch and I'll try and list it!

As I looked over the textbooks, I saw some common themes and added some more tags:

If you already have an activity that would match those, you can click on the "Edit Tags" button on the activity controls, or go into the general "Edit" mode and change the tags. Or if you have any good activities for any of those themes, feel free to share them with everyone!

The archived Englipedia site is up and working again. Al was able to get the site functioning again, but it probably won't be online for much longer. As I've mentioned before, it costs money to host, and apparently it's finicky at the best of times. We've incorporated almost 400 activities from Englipedia on ALTopedia now, and I'm going to keep importing new ones over the next couple months.

When I'm not converting activities, I'm working on the new site design. The structure is probably going to be very similar, but it will allow a lot more flexibility in how things are laid out and hopefully make everything more visually coherent. Is there any navigational feature that people want to see included?

I'm thinking of starting a Patreon drive next year to help pay for hosting, which is getting slightly more expensive as the total activity storage space increases. I've had some ideas for an additional service that patrons would be able to use. I won't take any existing feature of the site and put it behind a paywall, but rather give supporters of the site something neat in return. Ever since the site started I've been thinking off and on about doing a podcast, so maybe if we can fund it then we could start one. I hope you're finding ALTopedia useful now and will find it even more so next year!