First off, I have some good news! I'd mentioned a week or two ago that there could be downtime on the horizon. Fortunately, I was able to figure out what was causing the server re-deployment issue. It was one of those things where identifying what was going wrong was 95% of the battle. Looking back, I certainly learned a lot more about how the server end of things works, but if I had to do it over again, I'd choose a less hectic way to do it.

That means I can now update more things around the site. One of the big things I'm working on is the Resources page, which is a collection of links to useful web sites for ALTs. My goal for the site was to give as many options as possible to anyone who comes to use it. I don't think there's any perfect teaching style or any single activity for a topic that's better than all others. If a teacher finds something that works great for them in their situation, whether it's on-site or off-site, that's the best possible outcome.

If you know of a site that you think would be useful for others, please leave a comment! Ideally it would be a free site with a fair deal of content and not too much in the way of ads or other things that may harm the user experience. I don't mind linking general Japan or teaching-related blogs, but I thought it might be good to make a rule of thumb to not include blogs that haven't been updated in over a year.

Conversely, thank you to all the folks who have been kind enough to link ALTopedia on their own sites!