Activities posted by crisxselda

  • Prepositions Practice

    Practice Prepositions with Mewo (c/o robertsbp) and Spotlight Game (inspired by chacha)

  • The Story of Stingy Jack (Halloween lesson)

    A short presentation with some animations and texts about the *real* story of Stingy Jack.

  • Practice Stationeries with Yokai Watch !

    This works well with Let's Try 2's lessons about stationery items. Review different stationery, play a simple guessing game, then ask Yokai spirits if they have stationeries.

  • Food Story (I'd like ~[food/drink/dessert].)

    Please feel free to use this Toy Story-themed presentation to review different foods/drinks/desserts and to introduce and practice the target sentence, "I'd like~.

  • He/She is my ~ (family edition)

    Please feel free to use this to review the use of He/She and to introduce family members in English.

  • My Animal Book (New Horizon ES 6 Unit 5)

    This can be the visual aid for the final Unit presentation of your 6th graders.

  • Anpanman Characters: He/She can~

    Practice He/She can with the Anpanman Characters!

  • (ES) New Horizon 5 Unit 4 - He or She Can...

    Review action words to complete the target sentences using the first part of the presentation and introduce "He/She can~" using the quiz towards the end of the ppt.

  • Tablet Activities - Elementary

    Are there any JETs from Kumamoto here? Thanks for these awesome activities.

  • Pokemon Review Game for New Horizon 5 & 6

    A review game for New Horizon 5 & 6 covering vocabulary and target sentences from Unit 1 to 3.

  • New Horizon 6 Final Writing Worksheet

    This worksheet is a two-page document that's meant to be printed on both sides.

  • You can eat...It's...

    This is for the Unit 3 of New Horizon 6' lesson about food. More specifically, to practice the sentences, "You can eat..." & "It's (taste)."

  • I want to go to...You can see/visit

    A presentation about different countries and what they can visit or see there.

  • Dream Schedule Worksheet

    Feel free to use this when practicing and reviewing the subjects plus the target sentence, "I have (6 subjects) on (day)."

  • Jobs and Professions flashcards

    Some are very specific but they are all what my students want to be.

  • Subjects- Let's Find Kirby + Stereo Game

    Review and practice Elementary school subjects while trying to find Kirby and playing Stereo Game

  • Practice Counting 1-20 + "How many candies?"

    Review and practice numbers 1-20 and play "Find the candies!" + "How many candies?" by grace0103

  • English Stamp Rally/ Point Card🎯

    Encourage more students to use English outside the classroom.

  • New Horizon 5 & 6 Unit 1 Writing Practice

    These worksheets are for 5th and 6th graders to practice writing and will serve as their script for their presentations by the end of Unit 1.

  • 🌎World Greetings (New Horizon 6: Unit 1 OH)

    This is for Elementary New Horizon 6's Unit 1 specifically for the Over the Horizon section.