Show Call Make Cards

Set of 40 cards to practice show, call, and make.

Submitted by altirasuto

October 29, 2021

Estimated time:

Another set of cards.

Has a mix of show me (SVOO), call, and make in sentences and questions. Includes 3 sets- combination of both sentence and picture, just the sentence, and just the picture.

!One card needs to be altered to suit you- there's a card that says (*) teaches me English. You should change it to have your name or the JTE's name and perhaps change the me to us if you'd like.

Drive folder of illustrations:

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    1. werebadger June 15, 2022

      I love these cards so much. Really appreciate you sharing, thank you.

    2. Tsensei April 27, 2023

      can you explain how to use the cards please?

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