Grammar points

  • Adjectives

    He's thin, cute, and interesting.

  • Be verb

    I am sleepy. Are you happy?

  • Can and Can't

    I can play the guitar. I can't play the trombone.

  • Causative Verb

    My mother made me finish my homework before dinner.

  • Comparative (as ~ as)

    I'm as tall as my sister.

  • Comparative (-er)

    He is taller than my brother.

  • Comparative (more + adjective)

    Volleyball is more exciting than baseball.

  • Conditional

    If you want to play basketball, please join our team.

  • Copula Verb

    That looks delicious.

  • Declarative Content Clause

    He thinks that lemons are delicious.

  • Directions

    How can I go to the train station?

  • False Subjects

    It's sunny today.

  • Future (going to)

    They are going to play rugby on Sunday.

  • Future (will)

    I will go to the grocery store tonight.

  • Gerunds

    Amy likes visiting the ocean.

  • How

    Specifically practices the word "How."

  • How many

    How many apples do you have?

  • Imperative

    Let's play baseball. Don't use my bat.

  • Indirect Question

    I know how to play the piano.

  • Infinitive (Adjectival)

    Do you have something to eat?

  • Infinitive (Adverbial)

    I went to Kobe to watch a baseball game.

  • Infinitive (general)

    I want to be a mechanic.

  • Infinitive (It… for… to…)

    It is important for us to exercise.

  • Modal Verb - "could"

    I wish I could fly.

  • Must/Have to

    You must clean up your room. We have to go to my uncle's house tonight.

  • Passive voice

    Many languages are spoken in Indonesia.

  • Past Continuous

    My cat was sleeping last night.

  • Past Perfect Continuous

    James had been doing homework for two hours before Brendan visited.

  • Past Simple

    He visited Kyoto last month.

  • Plural Nouns

    She has three notebooks.

  • Plural Verb

    He plays the piano. Does he play the flute?

  • Possessive form

    That is Pierre's coat.

  • Prepositions

    My bag is under the desk. My texbook is on the desk.

  • Present Continuous

    She is playing volleyball.

  • Present Perfect

    Tom has eaten two hot dogs.

  • Present Perfect Continuous

    Inez has been reading a book for two hours.

  • Pronouns

    Her name is Judy.

  • Quantifiers

    Does this store have any towels?

  • Reduced Relative Clause

    The man making a sandwich is Jon.

  • Relative Pronoun

    He is a boy who writes novels.

  • Request

    Will you give me a napkin?

  • Second conditional

    If I were a cat, I would sleep all day.

  • Simple Present

    I study English.

  • Subject Verb Object Complement

    Sunshine makes me happy.

  • Subject Verb Object Object

    She gave him a watch.

  • Superlative (-est)

    The blue whale is the biggest animal in the world.

  • Superlative (most + adjective)

    Fall is the most beautiful season in Kyoto.

  • There is/are

    There are three libraries in this town.

  • This-That

    This is a fox. That is a hawk.

  • Unlisted Grammar

    This is a tag for grammar points that haven't been created yet.

  • Was and Were

    I was in London last week. Many people were there.

  • What

    Specifically practices the word "What."

  • What (noun) do you (verb)?

    What season do you like?

  • When conjunction

    I was eating dinner when my sister came home.

  • Where

    Specifically practices the word "Where."

  • Which

    Which do you like, summer or winter?

  • Who

    Specifically practices the word "Who."

  • Wh words


  • Why and Because

    Why do you like strawberries? Because they're delicious.

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