Activity themes

  • Alphabet

    Students practice the English alphabet in the activity.

  • Animals

    Students practice words for animals or learn about animals.

  • Body Parts

    Practices the names for parts of the body.

  • Classroom English

    Practices common words and phrases that will be used as part of English class.

  • Colors

    Practices colors (red, green, blue, and so on).

  • Conversation Skills

    Practices basic skills about how to continue conversations.

  • Countries

    Practices the names of different countries, or teaches students about different countries.

  • Current Events/Social Issues

    Students learn about or discuss current events, social issues, or recent news.

  • Daily Routine

    Involves the students explaining their daily routines.

  • Days of the Week

    Practices pronunciation or spelling of the days of the week. (Sunday, Monday...)

  • Debate

    This activity involves students having a debate with each other.

  • Dictionary

    Activity involves using a dictionary, or trains students in how to use dictionaries.

  • Dreams and The Future

    Students talk about what they want to do in the future.

  • Family

    Students practice words for family members or talk about their families.

  • Feelings/Emotions

    Practices words to express feelings or emotions.

  • Food

    Practices words for food, introduces new food, or involves the students making or eating food.

  • Greetings

    Practices how to greet other people.

  • Hobbies/Clubs

    Practices or discusses hobbies or clubs that the students participate in.

  • Hometown or Country

    Students introduce their hometown or home country.

  • Injuries and Ailments

    Students describe their injuries or other ailments (headaches, stomachaches, and so on).

  • Invitations

    Students practice inviting other people to do something.

  • Jobs and Professions

    Students practice the names of different jobs or professions.

  • Lunchtime Activity

    This activity can be used while eating lunch with students.

  • Months

    Practices pronunciation or spelling of months.

  • Numbers

    Practices pronunciation or spelling of numbers.

  • Ordinal numbers

    Today is the first day of June. Tomorrow is the second.

  • Phone Conversations

    The activity practices telephone conversations.

  • School Subjects

    Practices school subject names.

  • Self-introductions

    Students practice introducing themselves, or the teacher introduces themself.

  • Shapes

    Practices shapes (circles, triangles, squares, and so on).

  • Shopping and Dining

    Activity involves the students practicing buying or selling things.

  • Sports

    Students practice the names of sports, learn about sports, or play a sport.

  • Time

    Practices words for times of day (7:30, 2 o'clock).

  • Travel and Vacations

    Concerns travel - where students have gone, or where they want to go.

  • Weather

    The activity practices words for different kinds of weather.

  • Holidays

  • Christmas

    Activity applies to Christmas.

  • Easter

    Activity applies to Easter.

  • Halloween

    Activity applies to Halloween. Boo!

  • New Years

    Activity applies to New Years.

  • Thanksgiving

    Activity applies to Thanksgiving (American or Canadian).

  • Valentine's Day

    Activity applies to Valentine's Day.