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Newest activities
  • Name 5 (who, which, that) 'Name 5'-style trivia game that uses relative pronouns (who, which, that e.g. Sunshine 3 Program 7)
  • Movie Star Movie making activity to practice the relative pronoun "who." (Ex: He is a student who likes English.)
  • Daruma Quiz Game A quiz game for half the lesson time that can be paired with a teacher interview.
  • They/them as singular pronouns A simple introduction via PowerPoint to show several ways in which we use "they" and "them".
  • My Room A room drawing activity to practice the "There is / There are" grammar.
  • Forest Jeopardy Quiz Game A topic based quiz game inspired by the TV program Jeopardy
  • Vocabulary Spell-A-Thon This game allows you to review vocabulary with the students by testing their listening and writing skills in pairs. Suitable for JHS and SHS, as well as low-level SHS students.
  • What's in the park? Group activity where students practice asking "Is there/Are there?" questions with locations (in, on, under, by). Made with New Horizons 2 Unit 6.2 in mind.
  • Airplane Crash An activity to practice the "There is / There are" grammar by having the students search an airplane crash site.
  • Let's Try One Lesson Seven Clap Game I used this to introduce the shapes and shapes plus colors.
Top 10 Site-wide
  • Super Mario Christmas Blast A fun Christmas Mario-themed quiz game, where teams battle each other in a test of knowledge! Built off the original Super Mario Typhoon by Alexander Grant. 11
  • MRI Quiz A cool creepy looking quiz for practicing 'What's this?' 10
  • Code Breakers ALT reads a series of numbers and students must convert them to letters to figure out the secret word. 9
  • Battle for Japan A write and race game based on the Senkoku Jidai quiz game found on the Englipedia site. 8
  • Cute Hand-drawn Phonics Chart (A-Z) A bright and cute hand-drawn phonics sheet covering the letters of the alphabet. 7
  • Hi, Friends 2! Review Board Game A bright and colorful boardgame that reviews the entirety of the Hi, Friends 2 textbook. 7
  • Magic Quiz A family feud style quiz game 6
  • Uno Like Card Games A speaking activity based on the Uno Card Game. The same deck can also be used to play Go Fish 6
  • Mario Phonics Review B and V Powerpoint Game Warmups for reviewing contrasting phonic sounds B and V in a Mario Theme. 5
  • Foods from Around the World A sleek and simple cultural presentation showing off traditional and famous foods from countries around the world. 5
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