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A simple presentation to practice how to order in English.

Submitted by ccabusas

February 22, 2022

Inspired by: Code Breakers

Estimated time: 20 minutes~

Slide 1: Inspired by the Codebreaking activity by @rtrinh, break the codes to open the treasure chest. Edit the words that would best suit your class.
Slide 2: SKIP slides 2&3 if you haven't taught the lesson about tastes and flavors.
Review tastes and textures of foods.
Slide 3: Beat the timer by saying all the foods' flavors.
Slide 4: lesson topic
Slides 5-16: Practice the vocabulary for foods, drinks, and desserts.
Slide 17: Review the vocabulary and play "What's missing?" Click a word to hide a card and the black cover to reveal it.
Slide 18: Introduce the target sentence first and practice a few times. Divide the class into 2 teams, team spoon and team fork. Play RSP and the winning team can move one space. Click the winning team's utensil to move. Elicit the target sentence on every vocabulary card their utensils land on. If anywhere else is clicked, the ✖dog will show up. Simply click it to make it go away. When a team reaches the goal, click the small trophy icon to show the trophy. Click it again to hide it if you want to continue playing the game.
Slide 19: BONUS GAME
Divide the class into two teams. The goal is to reach the treasure chest and they can do it by
choosing a food/drink/dessert that will give them equipment to use.

To be updated...


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