Present Perfect Review Worksheet

Review all types of present perfect by writing sentences to match the pictures.

Made this to help review all of the present perfect tense uses by writing. Print it front and back so the front has pictures and the back has the empty boxes.

At the top are some hints for students who need a refresher on the keywords of each type. Review as necessary before starting the activity.

Next is a set of 9 pictures where students have to write what is happening in each picture. Students can work in pairs to help each other come up with the sentences. I recommend pairwork but if your students are high level, they can probably do it on their own. Check as they go by pair or when everyone's finished as a class, however you see fit.

Then move onto the back where students think of their own sentence and draw a picture for their partner. They switch papers and try to think of what the sentence could be from their partner's illustration and write the sentence down. Their partner checks if it's right or not. You can have faster pairs do this while waiting for everyone to finish the front, or do it after everyone's finished the front and all is checked. Either way works. You can split up the activities into different lessons or just do without the back, of course!

I've included an answer key but use your own discretion when handling student's answers. I like to see what they come up with for the pictures which aren't as clear. The goal is for them to practice the grammar, not to see the picture in the same way I do.

The last picture in particular has been fun to see what students come up with. It's pretty unclear at this size though, so if you don't like any of the pictures, you can always swap some out with some irasutoya or any of my other present perfect illustrations:

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