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Christmas Eve Bug

Jake the Admin

December 24, 2020

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This morning (December 24) I did a standard site update to upgrade to Ruby on Rails 6.1. I uploaded it right before I left for school. I see now that I should've tested it more - the activity pages have some sort of bug in their code somewhere and won't load.

Unfortunately I'm stuck here at school until this evening. There's an old bit of web development wisdom that you should never attempt to upgrade a site right before you go to bed, or before you have to do something else. I should've remembered that this morning...

I really apologize! If you're looking for a specific activity's Powerpoint file, someone may be able to help you in the Shoutbox or on the Discord! Feel free to give those a shot!

I think I've figured out the issue and fixed it! I went back to the previous version of the site code. It turns out that any page with an attached file wasn't working correctly. Unfortunately, that's just about every activity! Some parts of the file attachment system changed in Rails 6.1 and I didn't check that out before I updated the site. I'll try and work on that over the break when it's less risky. Sorry for the trouble!

  1. ALTPeter December 25, 2020

    Awesome, thanks so much for all your hard work in keeping this site alive and running, its been a life saver and wish I had found it a lot sooner (3 years sooner would have been great) have a safe holiday Jake

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