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ALTopedia's fifth anniversary!

Jake the Admin

April 29, 2023

Believe it or not, ALTopedia opened five years ago today, on April 28, 2018. It was a different world in a few ways that nobody was expecting at that time, but five years later, the site is still here!

The ideas and hard work of many people are what have built it into the resource it is today. The goal of the site was always to save any good idea that a teacher had before it eventually evaporated into the ether, and to give new teachers the opportunity to use and refine those ideas. I hope that it's been able to do that!

The timing of the anniversary means that I have to make one unfortunate announcement that now large files (currently anything over 40 MB) will require a subscriber account, as I mentioned in the last post. I'm hoping that this will help tame the bandwidth costs, but we'll see how things go in the next few months. If you're thinking about subscribing, I've added a demo page for the Lesson Tracker so you can get an idea what it's like.

I wish I had something else fun to announce, but I've been pretty busy here with the baby. Thanks for your support and contributions, everyone!

  1. ohnoko May 1, 2023

    Happy Anniversary ALTopedia! Thanks for all the hardwork, Jake. This site is such a life saver!

  2. jiggswalsh May 2, 2023

    Happy anniversary! Being pretty busy with a baby is fun, right? I was washing poop (not mine) out of trousers before work today. If that isn't fun then I don't know what is... Thanks again for the excellent job on the site! You are valued and loved!

  3. Cityfan May 8, 2023

    Thank you for all your hard work. Since discovering this site, it has really helped me add variety to my lessons.

  4. genieg May 8, 2023

    Happy Anniversary !! This site saved so much time and stress for me, I'm sure everyone can say the same thing. Thank you Jake and all the ALT's , Teachers and everyone for ideas and contributions. Did I say THank you ? I can't thank you enough.

  5. Tsensei May 10, 2023

    Happy Anniversary and thank you very much.

  6. Jed101 May 15, 2023

    Awesome site, many thanks

  7. JMsensei May 18, 2023

    Happy Anniversary and thank you very much.

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