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November Community Moderation updates

Jake the Admin

November 8, 2023

Sorry that updates have been a bit scarce lately. I've been tinkering with the moderation system under the hood for a while now, and apart from some issues here and there, I think it's been largely successful over the last half a year that it's been in operation.

I've added a new link in the footer to an explanation page about the moderation system which I hope will communicate how it works and what the intent behind it is. I've also made the records of moderators visible once their moderation period is over. The moderators are still anonymous, but you can see what they've decided. They also can leave comments on their decisions, but they're only visible to the moderator and the uploader.

You can also see just how many activities a moderator evaluates in a month or two. Since it ends up being quite a lot of work, I made the system grant moderators a Subscriber token when their active period ends. If you've already been a moderator, check your subscription page and you should see it there. You can click the "Activate" button to activate it whenever you want to.

I changed the eligibility requirements to only be an account that registered more than 6 months ago. There's no longer an activity requirement. As I write this now, there aren't many pending applications, so please visit the Contribute page if you're interested in helping out the site in this way!

I'm about to switch development to a new feature that I think will help with the curation of the pretty vast number of activities on the site now (almost 3500). I'll post about this on Patreon as I'm developing it, so check out the posts there if you're interested or want to weigh in.

Please enjoy the autumn while the leaves are still on the trees!

  1. Josephg99 November 9, 2023

    You're killing it Jake, and to the Community Moderators Thanks for all the hard work. This sites been a life-saver and seeing it become more efficient is a pleasure to see.

  2. ashizurimisakimajo November 10, 2023

    You all rock

  3. genieg November 10, 2023

    To you Jake and to all moderators and uploaders, contributors this site is now the most helpful, and most useful resource thank you all so much. Let's keep this site as clean as it is. I'm excited to what everyone would bring here.

  4. ratclass November 10, 2023

    awesome! as always, thank you for all your hard work!

  5. ohnoko November 13, 2023

    As always, your hard work is very much appreciated!
    And I've been really impressed with how quickly the mods are working, very grateful to all the mods as well!

  6. Beverbin November 20, 2023

    This site is such a wonderful resource for materials and a source for ideas too. Thank you very much for all your effort.

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