ALTopedia site rules

These rules are effective as of July 2023.

General content (comments, activities, articles)

  • Anything posted to the site must not be aggressive, insulting, or discriminatory towards anyone.
  • Trolling (intentionally trying to make other people angry) is not allowed.
  • Usernames and any other submitted content must not be profane or contain material inappropriate for children.

Activity rules

  • Activity descriptions should provide a clear description of how to perform the activity.
  • Activities need to match the academic capabilities of the students at the school level that they specify.
  • Activities should not contradict MEXT guidelines. This rule will be enforced once there is an English translation available.

Moderators and Admins will evaluate all content posted to the site on the basis of these rules.

Personal attacks will result in your account being muted or deleted, depending on severity. This is at the discretion of site administration.

Remember the golden rule: Be excellent to each other!