Viva! II

Second-year High School textbook in Japan.


  1. 4

    Emoji Communications

    Subject Verb Object Object
  2. 14

    Kendamas Worldwide

    Comparative (-er)
  3. 28

    I'm from Mars!

    Present Perfect
  4. 38

    Appli Koshien (auxiliary verbs?)

    Unlisted Grammar
  5. 50

    Things Have Souls!

    Copula Verb
  6. 60

    Looking for New Energy

    Relative Pronoun
  7. 74

    Taylor's Reading Corners (relative adverb)

    Unlisted Grammar
  8. 84

    The World's Poorest President

    Reduced Relative Clause
  9. 96

    Shitamachi Bobsleigh Project (verbs of perception)

    Unlisted Grammar
  10. 108

    Lion In The Wind (subjunctive mood)

    Unlisted Grammar

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