Columbus 21 3

Replaced by the Here We Go! 2021 series.




  1. 5

    Video Letter from Min-ho

    Passive voice
  2. 8

    Watching Japanese anime makes me happy. (SVOC?)

    Subject Verb Object Object
  3. 10

    His parents always tell him to study.

    Infinitive (general)
  4. 12

    Introduce your school

    Hometown or Country
  5. 13

    How Do They See Japan?

    Past Perfect Continuous
  6. 16

    How long have you been in Japan?

    Past Perfect Continuous
  7. 18

    I've just come back from a trip to Kamikochi in Nagano.

    Present Perfect
  8. 20

    I haven't finished the course yet.

    Present Perfect
  9. 23

    Our School Trip

    Present Perfect
  10. 28

    It was difficult for me to sit still.

    Infinitive (It… for… to…)
  11. 45

    A Guest from Cambodia

    Reduced Relative Clause
  12. 48

    I know lots of people injured by landmines.

    Reduced Relative Clause
  13. 50

    What are some of the dreams your students have? (relative pronouns?)

    Reduced Relative Clause
  14. 53

    Dreams for the Future

    Relative Pronoun
  15. 56

    I heard some music that really touched my heart.

    Relative Pronoun
  16. 63

    May I speak to Bill, please?

    Phone Conversations
  17. 71

    Tina's Students News-Net

    Indirect Question
  18. 83

    The Last Concert

    Unlisted Grammar

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