Present Perfect Cards

32 cards using present perfect

Each card has a picture and a sentence describing the picture. All uses of the present perfect are included but there are only sentences, no questions. You can easily adjust the sentences to your needs, though.

Made this to play concentration with my special needs class, but they can be adapted to all kinds of card games or activities.

Here's the google drive folder with the cards' illustrations:

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    Submitted by altirasuto August 27, 2021 Estimated time:
    1. CheyLinn May 26, 2022

      These cards are lovely. The meaning of each picture is clear, and the sentences that go along with them are perfect. We played this in my JHS, and my students loved it. A normally quiet class was on the edge of their seat waiting for the capybara. So thank you for this wonderful activity!

    2. werebadger June 15, 2022

      I love these cards, thanks so much for sharing. Are there more with the same art style?

    3. altirasuto April 21, 2023

      @werebadger- Apologies for my almost year delay in response but yes! There are more illustrations in this style, which you can find here: This is a Google drive folder of all the illustrations I’ve drawn over the years for classes. Some very old, some kinda old, not really any new ones, but I hope they’re useful! (@CheyLinn- the capybara was really popular with my students too, glad to hear he’s appreciated elsewhere haha!)

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