Present Perfect Writing Activity Just/Already/Yet

This worksheet is for the present perfect grammar on unit 2 page 21 & 31 of the New Horizons textbook 3rd Grade. It only covers just/already/yet.

There is 9 picture prompt questions and 1 make your own creative question. I also put examples at the top of the page.

After the writing for speaking practice they can use the 1 make your own creative question to interview their classmates.

Question: Have you finished your homework yet?
O Answer: I have just finished my homework.
O Answer: I have already finished my homework.
X Answer: I have not finished my homework yet.

Illutratons are from the activity Present Perfect Cards by altirasuto - thank you very much!

Submitted by nkeyalt April 20, 2023 Estimated time: 20
Inspired by Present Perfect Cards

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