Codebreaker Number Practice (SpyxFamily theme)

Codebreaker game for practicing listening to number names (with a SpyxFamily theme).

Help! Anya is missing and Loid needs help finding her!

I made this codebreaker worksheet for my special needs classes who need practice with names of numbers 1-20. Read the numbers in the coded message and have students write down the numbers they hear in the boxes provided. As a group you can double-check everyone heard the right numbers, then they can use the provided key to decode the message.

I chose the phrase "Look under the table" so we could also practice the location word "under", but the document is editable so you can choose any phrase you like! Just change the number of words/spaces and the letters provided in the key to suit your message. Enjoy!

Submitted by tessasensei October 18, 2022 Estimated time: 15 minutes
  1. taliwah May 31, 2023

    My kids loved this activity! Thanks for sharing!

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