Requires the teacher to print out the activity on paper.

  • Make / Let / Have Presentation Quiz

    A Google Slides / Powerpoint that can be used to review Make/Let/Have, optional worksheet that matches the questions.

  • Subject UNO Junior Sunshine

    UNO game taken from KOBEALT. I just made some changes to use the subjects taught in the Junior sunshine textbook.

  • Can You Play Bingo?

    This is an activity for JHS New Horizons 1 Unit 1 p.16 CAN/CAN'T

  • Weekday Heads Up 7 Up

    Modified the game from last year for this chapter

  • Vocabulary Practice - School Subjects

    This is originally designed for my special needs class.

  • Plural/Singular Verbs: Connect 3 (Board Game)

    JHS 1nensei One World Textbook Lesson 3 Review Make sentences using I/He/She with appropriate verb (like/likes, don't like/doesn't like...) to mark your spot on the board. Connect 3 spots to score.

  • Count/Draw the Objects Worksheet (Numbers 11-20)

    ES 3年 Let's Try or other grade levels; Students practice counting in English and writing the numeral, then students listen to the English number and draw the same number of objects.

  • 'Jungle Survivors' Stand Alone Worksheet

    This is an activity for JHS New Horizons 2 Unit 2 p.28 'because' - individual or group activity.

  • 1st Term Performance Test Script (Here We Go! 6)

    My English head and I had decided to change up the script to make the conversation flow a little more naturally. (Based off Here We Go! 6’s “自分や日本のことを紹介しよう” script)

  • ABC Quiz

    ELEM/JHS quiz on common writing mistakes

  • My Best Friend MadLib (present perfect/continuous)

    Inspired by Celestar129's amazing MadLibs activity, changed the format of the activity and uses less paper, but uses the same script!

  • Can you...? Bingo Activity for JHS 1

    A bingo activity using the grammar point "Can you...?" for JHS 1st graders

  • 🐍 Snake Game (10+ PDFs!)

    Snake game boards for Elementary school based on the Let's Try and New Horizons textbooks. Enjoy!

  • 24 NHE6 U2 Writing Practice

    A writing practice worksheet to accompany unit 2 of the 2024 edition of New Horizon Elementary 6. Students write about the daily routines of the book characters and then themselves.

  • 24 NHE6 U1 Writing Practice

    A worksheet to accompany the 2024 edition of New Horizon Elementary 6, unit 1. Students practice writing about themselves (with scaffolding!).

  • 24 NHE5 U2 Writing Practice

    A worksheet to accompany unit 2 of the 2024 edition of New Horizon Elementary 5. Includes space for students to practice writing their names as well as a basic script for exchanging present cards.

  • NH5(2024) (Unit 2) Birthday Worksheet

    Speaking test prep and writing practice for 5th grade elementary school. Covers: when is your birthday, what do you want for your birthday, and the names of the months.

  • Pipes and Piranha Plants

    This is a Mario themed snakes and ladders (chutes and ladders) board game.

  • Various Special Needs Card Games

    A handful of card games to play in special needs (or otherwise small-group) lessons!

  • When is your birthday?

    Birthday flashcards - students learn how to say birthdays through famous characters/people.

  • Asteroids V.2

    Dice game to practice has to/have to

  • "How many...?" Interview

    This is a very simple interview activity for JHS New Horizons 1 Unit 3 p.34 "How many _____ do you have?" Students practice asking and answering questions.

  • Guess Who

    A guessing game about classmates to practice asking basic questions

  • Doraemon Connect Four

    This is a pair game for JHS New Horizons 3 Unit 2 p.24 Present Pefect Continuous: 'I have been reading a book since 10 a.m.'

  • It's snowy...Boots, please!

    A simple drawing activity for Let's Try 2 Unit 2 to practice weather, clothing, and colors!

  • What/When/Where/How/Can Tic-Tac-Toe

    Writing and speaking exersize using tic-tac-toe to practice the difference between what/when/where/how/can. Aimed towards JHS 1st years.

  • Animal Crossing Vacation Planning!

    Have your students take a vacation anywhere in the world, Animal Crossing New Horizons style! Students practice using gerunds and general infinitives in this activity.

  • May I? Could you?

    Activity for New Horizon 2 Unit 2 "Let's Talk 2" (May I? Could you?)

  • June 2024 English Board

    This board includes a holdiay calendar with explanations in Japanese, a news story, a survey, a song of the month, trivia/fun facts, miscelaneous graphic designs, and 'would you rather' questions.

  • Challenge Corner: Weather

    English Board Activity

  • Listen and Write Word Search

    20 different word searches of varying levels where the students will listen, write and find 6 different words.

  • Birthday Lineup

    Students line themselves up in order of birthdays based on their character

  • English Schedule Mix Up When Where

    An information gap activity to practice speaking when and where for G1 New Horizon pg 31

  • Have you ever...? (Philippine version)

    This is a PowerPoint quiz to practice the question, "Have you ever...?"

  • What day is it?

    An easy game to review the days of the week as well as teach students the meaning of "Tomorrow" and "Yesterday"

  • Months Writing and Board Game

    Writing practice and snakes and ladder board game to familiarize the months

  • ES Karuta Cards Masterpost (1st to 4th grade)

    Karuta cards for elementary school or special needs. Can be used as a fun way to review vocab.

  • Apples to Apples

    Bootleg Apples to Apples card game with Japanese translations on each card. It uses vocabulary from the Sunshine Middle School textbooks.

  • Numbers 1-20 Memory Sequence Game

    Students make their own sequence of 7 digits, using only 2 specific numbers at a time. Go around the room, and have other classmates memorize and say the sequence. for ES 1,2,3年 or other beginners

  • Super Simple "If" Writing Worksheet

    A worksheet with four prompts students can answer to make "if" sentences.

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