5th Grade Semester Review

This is a Kahoot made to review the first three units of the New Horizon text used by 5th graders.

I made this Kahoot as a review activity for my 5th graders. At the time of uploading, it has not been used but review Kahoots are always a hoot (bum tss) at my schools and is now a tradition at the end of each term.

I use the basic package so I only have access to standard quiz questions and true/ false. This encourages the students to read more however I usually read the questions as they appear to help them along.

Submitted by D_the_teach July 7, 2023 Estimated time:
  1. AsakawaSune July 11, 2023

    My kids had fun with this today, thanks! Though they hadn't learned about careers yet... Great quiz!

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