Elementary School

Aimed at elementary school students.

  • New Horizon 6th Grade Unit 1 Kahoot!

    A quick and easy kahoot quiz to review unit 1 of the New Horizon textbook for 6th graders.

  • [MUSIC GAME] Last One Standing

    Time-filler for all ages *ELEM-HS. Inspired by similar Korean classroom games

  • Short Vowel Phonics Storybooks

    7-8 page storybooks focusing on each of the vowels' short sounds. Provides Japanese translation above the English text

  • Let's Try 1: Unit 1 Hello! (Flags activities)

    These are 2 activities students can do to learn the English names of 9 country flags. This is based on the Let's Try 1: Unit 1 textbook for 3rd graders.

  • Let's Try! 2 pg 22-25

    A worksheet based off the materials in the Let's Try! 2 textbook for the 4th grade.

  • Who Am I? 6th grade Introduction Game (+Cards)

    Cards that can be used for a "Who Am I?" style guessing game, aimed towards 6th grade. Challenges students to use "I'm..." and "I can..." alongside the from/live in key sentences

  • Manga Pop Up - ELEM/JHS Eng Board

    English Board manga pages that have the translations pop out for the kids to flip between the translations

  • Country Flag Quiz

    Here's a simple quiz about country flags.

  • Lower Case Spot It game

    Spot It game for lowercase alphabet practice.

  • Alphabet Tracing Worksheets

    Some simple alphabet tracing worksheets.

  • Emoji Game

    Guess the word using emoji's! It's a good time filler at the end of class if you have extra time.

  • NH5 Word Search Unit 1 - 2

    For the new 2024 New Horizons 5 books. 2 word searches each for unit 1 and 2

  • 5th Gr NEW New Horizon 2024 U.1 1st hour

    Worksheet for the Unit 1 Starting Out lesson introducing Sophia

  • Greetings Around the World, Card exchange

    Students practice different world greetings while introducing themselves to their classmates!

  • Harry Potter Sticker Challenge

    A harry potter themed sticker challenge in which students are assigned a house (Griffindor etc.) and collect stickers for themselves and their team.

  • Key Word Game Variation

    Just another simple way to play the Key Word Game with a little variation.

  • "What's this?" Alphabet Phonics Quiz

    Quiz that asks students to guess the answer based on the letter it starts with. Best for warm ups with younger students.

  • 6th Gr NEW New Horizon 2024 U.1 1st hour

    It is a worksheet for page 6 "Listen and Think" activity of the NEW New Horizon 6th Grade textbooks.

  • Bowser Bingo!

    Ice-breaker bingo activity for large groups - multiple classes & grades combined.

  • King Koopa's Cup

    A conversation-based card game inspired by the popular drinking game King’s Cup.

  • New Horizon 5th&6th grade Unit 1 Starting Out

    A worksheet to help students in 5th grade and 6th grade become accustomed to reading and answering questions on a listening topic.

  • Time Bingo

    3x3 and 5x5 Bingo boards to practice numbers and time

  • 🌏Greetings Around the World!🌏

    (Let's Try 1, Unit 1) Students practice and learn different ways to say "hello" with a simple quiz game!

  • ES 3rd Grade Unit 1 Lesson 1 Activity and Lesson P

    Helper for the first lesson.

  • Alphabet practice with へのへのもへじ

    Inspired by JackyKillian1701's Alphabet Henohenomoheji activity!

  • Handwriting Practice Sheets

    Handwriting practice for all the letters of the alphabet, days of the week and months of the year, plus some extra space for practice and an example of dialogue or vocabulary from a textbook.

  • Lesson plan for ES 5th Gr for "Let's Start"

    There are new books for 5th and 6th graders in ES, so many teachers in ES will ask you to be the main teacher and manage the class.

  • Crown Jr. 5 (2024) Section Cards

    Printable cards sized at A4 (sideways) for the different activity sections in the Crown Jr 5 textbook. Best used if laminated and magnets are attached to the back.

  • "What's this?" Spotlight Quiz (3rd grade)

    Spotlight quiz for incoming 3rd graders. Reviews animals and fruits

  • Hello!I’m Emily (Let's try1) Unit 1

    A simple conversation tracker to help students to keep track of the friends that they've already talked to.

  • Character Name Cards

    Here are some name cards with popular characters to use with your students. Use them however you please.

  • ALT Quest Speaking Practice Cards

    Printable cards to incentivize students to interact with their ALT outside of class time.

  • ACE Challenge

    Engouragement poster for your English classroom

  • Class Name Lanyards

    Elementary name tags to help with spelling their names (and reminding yourself of students/HRTs names)

  • Staff Room English for Elementary School

    A simple poster to encourage students to speak in English with the ALT when they are alone in the staff room.

  • Romaji "Cheat Sheet" Posters

    Cheat sheets to aid your students with romaji & other points.

  • Paper Mario Quiz Battle

    A review activity where two teams take turn answering questions, reducing their opponents health until they defeat the other team

  • Legend of Zelda Directions Maze

    Let students help you guide Link through an interactive maze, giving directions while trying to reach the top floor and save Zelda.

  • Bomb Review Game (3rd Grade Review)

    Bomb game for my incoming 4th graders, intended to review 3rd grade materials. Can be used for both grades depending on your class.

  • Feelings and descriptions adjective posters

    Posters with adjective "wheels" to help students describe their feelings and impressions of things

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