Halloween Stingy Jack Listening Activity

Listening activity about the history of Stingy Jack and the Jack o Lantern

This is a halloween listening activity I made for 1st years at an advanced Senior high School. It's not as flashy as most of the other halloween activities because my school has a rather serious atmosphere but I did follow it up with a cross word puzzle from another altopedia activity.

Link to the video -

  1. Divide students into groups and give them the worksheet. Give them time to complete the vocbulary matching part as a group. I had students use ther tablets for this part. When most of the groups have finished go over the correct answers.

  2. Tell students to try to complete the questions while listening to the video. I first played the video without subtitles, after it finished I asked the students to check with their group to see if anyone could answer any of the questions. Then I played the video a second time with subtitles and asked them to check with their group again. At this point I gave the students a copy of the script and had them to read through it as a group to answer any remaining questions. When most groups had finished I went over the answers and then watched the video one final time and told the students they could either follow along with their script or they could just listen and see how much more they can understand compared to the first time.

Submitted by kromsd October 27, 2023 Estimated time: 40

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