High School

Aimed at high school students.

  • Personality Test Worksheet

    Worksheet for personality test (adjective review) made by CarpenterBee

  • Idioms quiz

    A warmup multiple choice quiz about some English idioms!

  • [MUSIC GAME] Last One Standing

    Time-filler for all ages *ELEM-HS. Inspired by similar Korean classroom games

  • English "kotowaza" Warm-up Quiz!

    Warm up quiz for older students. Students will listen to the idiom/saying and guess the meaning based on A, B, or C.

  • Hella Fun Roleplay (trust me)

    Speaking practice: Students roleplay conversations in a restaurant / at the doctor / in school. You can rope in your JTE for added excitement. 3 different scenarios to extend time if needed!

  • Self-Intro WS & PowerPoint Template

    Includes a self-intro worksheet (with guided annotations), Q&A, and PPT slides to go along with the worksheet. It is best suited for JHS or SHS but can be adapted for ES with some changes.

  • Manga Pop Up - ELEM/JHS Eng Board

    English Board manga pages that have the translations pop out for the kids to flip between the translations

  • Are you going to ~?

    Bingo worksheet activity to practice 'be going to' grammar in conversation. (NH2 JHS P9 Unit 1)

  • May 2024 Calendar

    Calendar for the month of May 2024.

  • NHU1 - Going to ~ pick your own adventure.

    Pick your own adventure ppt with the focus on "going to".

  • Guessing Game Cards (Monikers/Fishbowl)

    90 cards, split up into the following categories: Animals, Food, Places, Sports, Things, Characters, Historical Persons, and Musical Artists. Multipupose but designed for the game Monikers.

  • NATO Phonetic Alphabet

    My students have a difficult time spelling words and don't understand what I mean when I try to use phonetic words, so this introduces them to the NATO phonetic alphabet.

  • Find Someone Who (Bingo Challenge)

    A first day of class ice breaker activity for students to get to know each other better.

  • Cupid's Messenger 📣❤️ (Ver. 2)

    A simplified and linear version of one of my popular games I play at my schools. This version is easier to run. I thought it was worth making a new post since the layout is now completely different.

  • Vocabulary Gradients & Synonyms

    A ppt with semantic gradient charts & some synonyms + a word doc with examples sentences.

  • Splatoon - Sniper Shot ᔦꙬᔨ

    A simple game where students try to figure out what the word, picture, or sentence is by looking through a sniper scope.

  • Commercial Project

    This is a long term project where students make a commercial for something in english.

  • American Slang

    Teaches students some new American slang + a fun Kahoot to review with students

  • Pronoun Playing Cards

    52 card deck with subject pronouns and possessive adjective pronouns

  • What's the Question?

    Jeopardy-style powerpoint quiz (JHS or SHS) testing students ability to turn statements into questions

  • Story Book reading Project

    A multi-class length project for students to do a performative reading of an English Story book, with an emphasis on students emoting while using English.

  • Summer BBQ/Picnic Plan

    Students make a plan in English for Summer BBQ or Picnic in pairs or groups of three and then present them in the same class.

  • Halloween Mask and Trick or Treating

    Students will learn about American Halloween and monsters, color a monster Halloween mask, and then model a trick or treating dialogue.

  • Dots & Boxes ・・・■

    A classic pen-and-paper game where students must make a sentence/say a word to draw lines on a grid to make boxes. (The theme is heavily inspired by Clubhouse Games: 51 Worldwide Classics)

  • JHS Board Game

    JHS Board Game

  • JHS Special Lesson

    JHS Special Lesson

  • JHS Christmas Lesson

    JHS Christmas Lesson

  • New Horizon 3 Activities - Grade 3 JHS

    New Horizon 3 Activities

  • New Horizon 2 Activities - Grade 2 JHS

    New Horizon 2 Activities

  • New Horizon 1 Activities - Grade 1 JHS

    New Horizon 1 Activities

  • Scene It Game (Winter Movies)

    Watch the video and answer questions!

  • Trivia Quiz

    A trivia game for high school students. Categories include the UK, music, Japan, flags and riddles.

  • Numbers over 10,000 minion game

    A game to practice saying numbers over 10,000 with a minion theme.

  • Personality Test *Timefiller Activity

    Fun adjective review for any grade!

  • Heads Up 7 Up Game *Explanation PPT

    American (?) classroom game use to fill time.

  • Easter Jeopardy Template

    This is a template for an Easter-themed Jeopardy game.

  • Huge Pokemon Review Game

    A review game styled to look and (almost) behave similar to the actual Pokemon games

  • Monthly Song Lyric Sheets

    Song of the month lyric sheets which can be used for the English board or a class activity. They are in Japanese and English.

  • Classroom Olympics

    I used this material for reviewing my 2nd year students after their JTE's taught them the concepts of Comparatives and Superlatives.

  • Long vowel explanations/ examples handout

    A quick reference guide for students to remember the basic vowel teams, where they can be used, and how they are pronounced.

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