High School

Aimed at high school students.

  • Indirect Questions Kahoot

    10 simple questions to warm up and review the grammar.

  • Myths and Urban Legends

    A basic lesson on myths and urban legends around the world!

  • Criss Cross Game

    This is a good warm up and can be used with most grades for basically any lesson to help kids use target phrases.

  • Spelling Bee

    An adaptation of NYT's Spelling Bee. Can be a worksheet or played on blackboard

  • English Board - Fun Facts Sections

    Mini posters introducing alternative ways to say certain phrases or words.


    Irasutoya retelling of a French Canadian tale - students have to write the story following what they understand from the images.

  • September Calendar and Jewish Holiday Posters

    There are some fantastic resources for September English boards. Still, I wanted to add information on the most important Jewish holidays, Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, which land in September.

  • Question Board Challenge

    -This is a question-and-answer board game for mid-level middle and high school. Students ask questions based on the answer they want instead of a set script and answer challenges for team points.

  • World News - Air Guitar Champion

    English board - Nanami “Seven Seas” Nagura won!

  • Loanwords

    This is a game of association on loadwords for small group of JHS/HS students/English club.

  • Describing Personality

    A handout that aims to help students learn how to describe people's personalities.

  • Evaluation Activity Planning for SHS

    This is a word document describing some potential activities for an evalution.

  • Avatar the Last Airbender Class(es)

    This activity is good for an elective class (or any class with a motivation to learn English in my opinion). If you're an ATLA fan, it is also a fun class to teach!

  • Describing Feelings!

    Students describe how they feel about certain topics!

  • Let's make a pizza!

    Students draw a pizza and write sentences about it.

  • Halloween: Make a Monster

    Students roll a dice for random traits and must make a monster out of this.

  • Plan a Holiday

    Students select a country card and must research and write about that country.

  • Let's make a curry!

    Worksheet to help teach cooking vocabulary.

  • The Kindness Activity

    Students will write kind messages to each other on a paper keepsake! I did it at the end of the school year before the break. The JTE loved it so much, she used the lesson for other classes..

  • Kahoot Round-Up: New Horizon 1 (JHS 1st)

    A series of kahoot quizzes for JHS first graders that go with the New Horizon 2020 textbook series.

  • The Situations Game

    Enjoy talking with your students.

  • Show and Tell

    Let's have a show and tell

  • SDGs

    Learn about everyone's favorite topic: Sustainable Development Goals

  • Recipes!

    Students learn cooking vocabulary and follow my egg drop soup recipe

  • Fill in the blank

    Students will compete to create creative imperative sentences!

  • Let's Review Present Tense S!

    A short review for present tense (genzaikei) and how to use "s" in third person singular pronouns.

  • What Time Is It? (Summertime!) - Lyrics

    High School Musical song lyrics in Japanese/English, "What Time Is It? (Summertime!)".

  • Can I have your autograph?

    Your students will all be famous in the future! It is time to have them create their autograph!

  • Group rotation maker: My Group Passport

    Do you need your students to practice a speech? Or for any reason need them to be able to quickly change small groups throughout a lesson? These laminatables are for you!

  • Last Lesson Ideas

    Ideas for the last class; either the last class of the year (April) or their last with you as an ALT (July). These are just a few ideas to get you started if you are unsure about what to do.

  • It is... for Americans... to... (It, for, to)

    A presentation about American school and life using (it, for, to) or (it, to). Comes with a worksheet/activity.

  • Connect 4 - Review/Quiz game template

    Play the classic game of Connect4 as a review or a quiz!

  • Independence Day

    A celebration of true American pride

  • Pictionary - Vocabulary Game

    A staple game that is great for practicing vocabulary while having fun!

  • The Questions Game!

    A fun activity to practice questions. Adjust this for any grade!

  • Trashketball (Review Game)

    Teams take turns choosing questions that everyone answers. If the choosing team is correct, they can shoot the "trashketball" for bonus points from a +1 or +3 point line!

  • World's Ugliest Dog - English Board

    Materials for a display about the World's Ugliest Dog Competition 2023.

  • Bluey Jeopardy

    A simple jeopardy template based on the Australian kids show Bluey

  • Deserted Island "we will~"

    Just another deserted island game using "we will~"

  • Small talk (回転寿司 style!)

    This activity is great for conversation practice and can help students to develop their speaking skills. It doesn't require any materials and is suitable for all year groups in SHS.

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