1-3 ES Days of the Week (review / tablet game)

Days of the week ppt/blooket game for younger ES students (I made this for my 1-3rd graders)

This is a ppt review i made for my elementary 1-3rd graders to practice days of the week. It includes the days of the week vocab, a youtube song for them to practice, a 'quiz' section, and at the end there's an optional 'caterpillar days of the week' coloring page activity you can do with your students.

I HIGHLY recommend listening to the song that's linked in the ppt! My students love and I'll hear them singing it weeks later.

One of my teachers also asked me to include 'morning / afternoon / night' and greetings in the ppt, so I made a 2nd version where they can learn/practice 'good morning' 'good afternoon' 'goodnight.

ALSO I have a Blooket game for the students to practice days of the week (with katakana), but I only recommend this for 3rd graders and up!
Blooket Game:

Medium files (requires an account to download) -
  • Caterpillar Days of the Week Printable.docx (1.16 MB)
  • Dinosaur Days of the Week! (+Greetings!).pptx (8.34 MB)
  • Dinosaur Days of the Week!.pptx (2.54 MB)
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