Preposition "Party!" Sunshine 2 Textbook Practice

This worksheet directly matches with JHS Sunshine 2 pg 88 Prepositions

Worksheet corralates with pg 88 so it is straightforward.

Students finish the sentences using the prepositional phrases from each scene in the textbook.
There are 4 scenes labeled A-D.
Students match my descriptions <"The fish is swimming..."> to the correct prepositon phrase option <"... in the river.">
Some of the descriptons can apply to multiple phrases as shown in the picture.

Make sure the students understand my descriptions so they are not lost.

The last section has 2 bonus activites built in:
1. In pairs/groups, students describe the scene using prepositions.
2. In pairs, students listen to their partner and draw their description into the scene. Encourage silly descriptions. (ex. Spiderman is crawling on the wall)

Submitted by sgtheALT February 8, 2024 Estimated time: 20-30 minutes

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