Junior High School

Aimed at junior high school students.

  • Make / Let / Have Presentation Quiz

    A Google Slides / Powerpoint that can be used to review Make/Let/Have, optional worksheet that matches the questions.

  • Many Ways to Answer "How Many"

    This review of "How many...?" is made to review the concept after it has already been taught, and to show students how to give descriptive answers, too. (I have MANY books. I have A FEW pens.)

  • July 2024 Calendar

    This is the July 2024 Calendar for English Boards.

  • Wasei Eigo Kahoot!

    3 kahoots about wasei eigo! First one has an example of how the game works.

  • Spelling quiz Pacman version (Hangman game)

    Hangman game/ guessing the word game by choosing letters.

  • Who / What is this (that)? It's Pikachu!

    Silhouette game! Random characters and items.

  • Who is he/she 3 Hint Quiz

    She is Rapunzel. He is Shohei Ohtani. 3 Hint Quiz (Random characters)

  • Fujikawaguchiko Lawson - aka Breaking the LAWson.

    A points based game where you try to get illicit photos of a mountain and a combini for some reason.

  • Vacation to Castaway Island!

    A fun multimodal game for adjectival infinitives. Using magents and the element of surprise, the students practice 'I have ~~ to ~~' by playing rock, paper, scissors to survive Castaway Island.

  • Who? What? Character Quiz

    This is a quiz activity for JHS New Horizons 1 Unit 2 p.22 - 'Who...?', 'What...?' questions

  • 'This is...' Character Quiz

    This is a quiz activity for JHS New Horizons 1 Unit 2 p.20 - 'This is...' and 'Is that...?'

  • Can You Play Bingo?

    This is an activity for JHS New Horizons 1 Unit 1 p.16 CAN/CAN'T

  • Jujutsu Kaisen Review Game

    An adaptable JJK review quiz game. Can be used for any grammar point.

  • Plural/Singular Verbs: Connect 3 (Board Game)

    JHS 1nensei One World Textbook Lesson 3 Review Make sentences using I/He/She with appropriate verb (like/likes, don't like/doesn't like...) to mark your spot on the board. Connect 3 spots to score.

  • 'Jungle Survivors' Stand Alone Worksheet

    This is an activity for JHS New Horizons 2 Unit 2 p.28 'because' - individual or group activity.

  • ABC Quiz

    ELEM/JHS quiz on common writing mistakes

  • Mr. Bean: Gerunds and Infinitives

    This is a PowerPoint quiz game suited for 3rd grade JHS

  • My Best Friend MadLib (present perfect/continuous)

    Inspired by Celestar129's amazing MadLibs activity, changed the format of the activity and uses less paper, but uses the same script!

  • Imperative KARUTA - Doraemon

    This is an activity for JHS New Horizons 1 Unit 4 p.38 Imperatives - practice with the PowerPoint and play KARUTA!

  • Can you...? Bingo Activity for JHS 1

    A bingo activity using the grammar point "Can you...?" for JHS 1st graders

  • Have you ever ____? Bingo

    Bingo game to practice asking "Have you ever ____?" questions

  • Directions App!

    Use default or student made maps to practice giving and receiving directions! This is an updated version of my Directions game - now with the ability for unique custom maps to be made and used!

  • Summer Jeopardy Template

    Summer version of aidanpash's Easter Jeopardy template!

  • Which do you ______? Fortune Telling

    In pairs, students use A or B question maps to discover their future job, pet and home country. Then they make their own maps to find their "special skill" (superpower).

  • Hockey Board Game COLLECTION

    Hockey-themed board game activity for various units to be used on LOILO NOTE.

  • Pipes and Piranha Plants

    This is a Mario themed snakes and ladders (chutes and ladders) board game.

  • When is your birthday?

    Birthday flashcards - students learn how to say birthdays through famous characters/people.

  • Asteroids V.2

    Dice game to practice has to/have to

  • Connect Four ABC123 🟡🔴

    A great way for students to practice and review alphabets and numbers by playing Connect 4. Can be played in ES, JHS, and special needs. This can also be used as a warmup too.

  • Japanese Loan Words (外来語)

    Warm-up quiz activity about foreign, loan words in Japanese. Students have to guess what the English word is in Japanese.

  • "How many...?" Interview

    This is a very simple interview activity for JHS New Horizons 1 Unit 3 p.34 "How many _____ do you have?" Students practice asking and answering questions.

  • Guess Who

    A guessing game about classmates to practice asking basic questions

  • "Go Fish!" Card Game

    This is a card game for JHS New Horizons 1 Unit 3 p.32 "I want to be..."

  • NH2 AhaSlides Collection 🎮

    A review game collection for JHS New Horizon 2 (2021 Edition).

  • Doraemon Connect Four

    This is a pair game for JHS New Horizons 3 Unit 2 p.24 Present Pefect Continuous: 'I have been reading a book since 10 a.m.'

  • Who's That Pokémon?

    This is a quiz game I made for students of all ages! (Everyone loves Pokemon right?) The goal of the game is to introduce/review the key phrase "Who's ___?" "It's ___."

  • What/When/Where/How/Can Tic-Tac-Toe

    Writing and speaking exersize using tic-tac-toe to practice the difference between what/when/where/how/can. Aimed towards JHS 1st years.

  • BuzzFeed Personality Quiz

    Character personality quizzes that focuses on the question "What ~ do you like?"

  • Jeopardy (Pop Culture Characters)

    Featuring famous pop culture characters from around the world + ALT's choices. Feel free to edit the questions according to your students' abilities :) Students compete for points in groups.

  • Animal Crossing Vacation Planning!

    Have your students take a vacation anywhere in the world, Animal Crossing New Horizons style! Students practice using gerunds and general infinitives in this activity.

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