English Board Manga Panels

A collection of some (very iconic) manga panels.

My goal this month is to upload a new manga panel for you guys 2-5 times a week. Please look forward to more in the coming weeks!

UPDATE (as of 19/4/2024)

Reflecting on some of the recent feedback I've been given, I will now only make manga panels without any translations. If you'd like to translate the text yourself, please feel free to do so on your own. :)


Black Butler (Ch. 1 - 19)
Chainsaw Man (Ch. 1 - 14)
Delicious in Dungeon (Ch. 1 - 20)
One Piece (Ch. 90 - 18) (Arlong Fight)
Dr. STONE (Z= 1 - 6)
One-Punch Man (Punch 1 - 17)
Toilet-bound Hanako-kun (Spook 1 - 6)
Mashle - (Ch. 1 – 56)
Fire Force (Ch. 0 - 24)


  • Manga (see below)
  • Featured Comic Template
  • [OPTIONAL] English Board (Comic Corner) Printouts


  • Attack on Titan
  • Black Butler
  • Boku no Hero
  • Chainsaw Man
  • Dr. Stone
  • Fire Force
  • Jujutsu Kaisen
  • Kimetsu no Yaiba
  • Mashle
  • Monster No. 8
  • One Piece
  • One Punch Man
  • Sailor Moon
  • Slam Dunk
  • Toilet-bound Hanako-kun
  • Tokyo Revengers
  • Yakusoku no Neverland (The Promised Neverland)


  • You'll notice that some of the layout is quite different but that's because some were made years ago (yes I'm ancient), but the newer ones should remain consistent
  • I'd like to think I'm a little decent in Japanese..., but if you notice any mistakes please let me know!
Submitted by unoplusunoistu April 5, 2024 Estimated time: N/A
  1. 3015045 April 8, 2024

    This is great! Very cool concept! Thanks for sharing!

  2. unoplusunoistu April 9, 2024

    Thank you! :)

  3. Q3k5NdTt3 April 11, 2024

    re: Black Butler, there's a provided translation for "letter" (手紙) but there should be a translation for the idiom "to the letter" instead (文字どおりに). Also, 静かにして would be a better translation for "silence" in this context than 沈黙 (which is more like silence/stillness as an atmosphere).

    I like the concept but I think it'd be a good idea to have these double-checked by someone fluent in both English and Japanese.

  4. Nanami April 11, 2024

    These are amazing! I can see how much work you've put in. Your students must love you! Thank you so much for sharing all your creations with us!

  5. unoplusunoistu April 11, 2024

    Thanks for the feedback! I really appreciate you taking the time to leave a comment. I have now corrected the mistake and re-uploaded the file. I may have rushed that and didn't properly read the text. I will try to be more careful from now on.

  6. unoplusunoistu April 11, 2024

    @Nanami Thanks! That means a lot :')

  7. ChibiGojira April 18, 2024

    These are nice, but I agree maybe have someone check the Japanese. For example, the Sailor Moon one's "suited" refers to what she's wearing, so を着ている、着た.

  8. unoplusunoistu April 18, 2024

    Thanks for pointing that out. I guess I'm not so ペラペラ after all hahaha
    I fixed it and have now uploaded a revised version.
    Tbh, it's hard for me to find time to have it checked by a native Japanese speaker and also even harder to find a Japanese teacher who can also understand the English sentences, too.
    All the stuff I have made so far feels like a "one man show" since I'm pretty much create the worksheet and translate everything myself.
    I think I'm gonna stop making them now because I'm worried about making more mistakes and providing mistranslations.
    Plus, I think my collection so far is pretty decent.
    Again thank you!

  9. ChibiGojira April 19, 2024

    I think it would be fine to just put up the English manga without any Japanese translations. I've done that before and it still attracted the students' interest, and they can try to figure out the meaning together. Less stress and work as well, hehe.

  10. unoplusunoistu April 19, 2024

    @ChibiGojira You know what...I never really thought about that. I always wanted to try to include some translations for those high-achievers, but I don't even think most of them would even pay attention to it.
    Thank you again :)

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