English Board

This consists of materials that can be used on a physical English bulletin board.

In most schools, there are lots of bulletin boards (็œ‹ๆฟ, kanban) where flyers, posters, and other reading material can be posted. Some schools have these for the English department. These activities have useful informational material for English boards.

  • English "kotowaza" Warm-up Quiz!

    Warm up quiz for older students. Students will listen to the idiom/saying and guess the meaning based on A, B, or C.

  • English Newsletter

    A digital replacement for an English board

  • Let's Try 1: Unit 1 Hello! (Flags activities)

    These are 2 activities students can do to learn the English names of 9 country flags. This is based on the Let's Try 1: Unit 1 textbook for 3rd graders.

  • Manga Pop Up - ELEM/JHS Eng Board

    English Board manga pages that have the translations pop out for the kids to flip between the translations

  • Interactive English Board

    Maximizing the Potentials of Interactive English Board as an Extention of English Instruction (Skills Development Conference Presentation)

  • Jamaica Fact File

    Jamaica Fact File

  • May 2024 Calendar

    Calendar for the month of May 2024.

  • Harry Potter Sticker Challenge

    A harry potter themed sticker challenge in which students are assigned a house (Griffindor etc.) and collect stickers for themselves and their team.

  • April 2024 Calendar

    calendar for April 2024

  • ALT Quest Speaking Practice Cards

    Printable cards to incentivize students to interact with their ALT outside of class time.

  • Solar Eclipse English Board

    For english board JHS

  • English Board Manga Panels

    A collection of some (very iconic) manga panels.

  • English Board - School Staff/Teachers' Profiles

    Canva design link for making caricature-like Teachers' profiles, with Self-Introduction using easy English. Perfect for the start of the new school year, with new students, new teachers and staff.

  • Romaji "Cheat Sheet" Posters

    Cheat sheets to aid your students with romaji & other points.

  • Feelings and descriptions adjective posters

    Posters with adjective "wheels" to help students describe their feelings and impressions of things

  • English Comic Strips for English Board - Spring

    using easy English sentences, with Katakana pronunciation and Nihongo meaning.

  • ABC Poster

    Poster for classroom or English board featuring upper and lower case letters.

  • Halloween Mask and Trick or Treating

    Students will learn about American Halloween and monsters, color a monster Halloween mask, and then model a trick or treating dialogue.

  • Here We Go! 6ๅนด็”Ÿ Key Sentence Board

    Key Sentences for the new version of Here We Go! for 6th grade.

  • Super Mario Classroom A3 Posters

    ES Let's Try 1 & 2 Chapters 1-4

  • Every Powerpoint game I ever made, big and small!

    The best Powerpoint games I ever made all in one Drive for anyone to use at anytime.

  • Alphabet Worksheets (K-Z)

    The rest of the worksheets that I uploaded last year are finally here!

  • christmas songs with translation

    English-Japanese lyric sheet for Frosty the Snowman and Santa Claus is Coming to Town

  • Philippines Events

    Events about the Philippines

  • Easter Egg Hunt - English Board

    An Easter egg hunt for JHS students.

  • Monthly Song Lyric Sheets

    Song of the month lyric sheets which can be used for the English board or a class activity. They are in Japanese and English.

  • March English Board Material

    Information about Purim, Holi, International Women's Day, and Ramadan

  • English Board conversation challenge

    A presentation to introduce the stamp rally and a modification to the stamp card.

  • JHS Monthly English Conversation Stamp Rally

    An English Board activity containing monthly conversation challenges for Junior High School students.

  • English language newspaper for your ALT board

    A template to make your own newspaper for some natural English reading practice.

  • National Pizza Day

    Flyer, fun facts, and word search for National Pizza Day

  • Traditional Instruments Poster

    Canva-made, bilingual poster on instruments

  • Food Idioms Infograph

    Canva-made, bilingual infograph of food idioms

  • World Braille Day Infograph

    Bilingual infograph for World Braille Day.

  • March 2024 Calendar

    Monthly Calendar

  • Clipart Collection ๐ŸŒ

    I've compiled all the clipart and editing sites I've used over the years into one big spreadsheet. Has a lot of stuff for English boards, seasonal activities, and other English materials.

  • English Board - Graduation decor

    Graduation themed Japanese style cliparts for your English Board.

  • February English Board

    This board includes a holdiay calendar with explanations in Japanese, a news story, a survey, a song of the month, trivia/fun facts, miscelaneous graphic designs, and 'would you rather' questions.

  • Cross word for Elementary student

    simple vocabulary crossword for elementary 6th and 5th grade students

  • Reggae Month_February2024Calendar

    Reggae-theme calendars for February 2024.

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