What time is it? (Lesson Powerpoint)

This is a powerpoint activity that you can use for Let's Try 2 Unit 4.

It is a good idea to ask the HRT to tell the students to cut their picture cards before the class.

Lesson Flow

  1. Introduce all the routine and mention that for this lesson you will only study 5 out of 10.

  2. You can play the following for the drills: 5 mins

             - eraser get game
             - clapping game
  3. Matching game or Backgammon 10 mins

Matching game
- using the small cards play in pairs.
- Janken, winner goes first. Turn over a card and say what is it.
- do it again, if he gets the same, he keeps the card and try once more.
- if he misses a card, the next person gets to play until all the cards are matched.

- using the small cards, facing up arrange it in order.

A - (from left to right) wake-up time, breakfast, study, lunch and snack
B - (from left to right) snack, lunch, study, breakfast, wake up

  • Teacher says "go!"
  • A and B points to the cards and says what is it.
  • if they meet do janken.
  • winner continues and the loser goes back to the beginning
  • they continue until time is up
  1. Where is Kirby?

Everyone say: "What time is it?"
Volunteer says: "It's _______ a.m/pm, It's _______ time."

For Lesson 2 you just do the same activities but different vocabs. Enjoy

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