New Crown 3

Replaced by the 2021 edition.




  1. 6

    The room is cleaned every day.

    Passive voice
  2. 10

    Could you tell me how to get to the castle?

  3. 12

    I have lived in this town for many years.

    Past Perfect Continuous
  4. 14

    How long have you lived in this town?

    Past Perfect Continuous
  5. 22

    What's wrong? I have a headache.

    Injuries and Ailments
  6. 24

    I have just finished lunch.

    Present Perfect
  7. 38

    We call the dog Pochi.

    Subject Verb Object Object
  8. 40

    It is important for me to read books every day.

    Infinitive (It… for… to…)
  9. 48

    Would you put this card in the box?

  10. 54

    I have a book that has beautiful pictures.

    Relative Pronoun
  11. 56

    Mr White is a teacher who comes from Australia.

    Relative Pronoun
  12. 58

    This is the letter that I received yesterday.

    Relative Pronoun
  13. 70

    The girl playing tennis is Miki.

    Reduced Relative Clause
  14. 72

    The country I want to visit is France.

    Reduced Relative Clause
  15. 83

    Would you like some scrambled eggs?

  16. 88

    Tom wants me to play the piano.

    Infinitive (general)
  17. 90

    I don't know why Amy is sad.

    Indirect Question
  18. 99

    Could you ask him to call me?


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