How can I go to the train station?

  • Giving Directions

    Based on EmilyInsado's simple "How can I get to" excercise, for New Crown 1 pg. 107

  • Simple NH2 Page 81 Activity

    Students will learn page 81 in New Horizons 2 and then practice the important parts of the dialogue.

  • Where is ○○?

    Working as pairs, students must navigate and give each other directions in their classrooms turned into their town.

  • Where do you live?

    Simple interview game to help students learn how to ask; "Where do you live?". (Elementary School grades 5,6)

  • A Simple Town Map & Directions Cheatsheet

    A simple yet effective map to use during your New Horizon 5 Unit 5 activities. And a cheatsheet for giving directions.

  • Asking for directions.

    Easy activity to help students learning how to ask for directions.

  • Changing Trains! NH2 Let's Talk Activity

    My JTE asked me to create this activity for page 81 of the NH 2 textbook. She wanted me to use the train route from our prefecture instead of the one in the text. Feel free to try it out!

  • Zombie Town

    A dialogue pair speaking activity that practices giving directions. This combines the zombie game and assassin game

  • Pikachu Directional Vocabulary / Drawing Activity

    3 part directional vocab exercise!

  • Paper Mario RPG (modded with game over screen)

    This is Metapod's awesome powerpoint, I Just added sound & game over screen. Also changed a few of the slides to, what I think, fit the map better. Awesome stuff. You'll have to change battle Q's.

  • Trick or Treat Map

    Practice giving simple directions as you Trick or Treat!

  • Paper Mario RPG- Directions

    Oh no! The princess has been taken again by Bowser and its up to Mario to save her! however, Mario cant read! Help Mario traverse the world by giving directions and answering review questions!

  • Practice Navigating the Osaka Metro!

    Work in groups to read a list of directions and find the destination station! Students will use a map of the Osaka Metro.

  • Pokemon Train Directions Activity (How to get to~)

    A speaking challenge directional activity mixed with the fun of catching pokemons and asking directions from your friends! (Blue Sky 3 - Let's Talk 3)

  • Animal Crossing - Giving Directions

    Practice giving directions (turn right/left, go straight for x blocks.. you can see it on your right/left) to help the (animal) tourists visiting the island!

  • Could you tell me how to get to...

    Activity based on page 63 of New Crown 3 - students use a map to travel around Kobe/Osaka/Kyoto

  • Around the Town Cards

    This is a fairly versatile and beautiful deck of cards that is easily adaptable to a fair number of traditional card games for English lessons. From games like SNAP! and Speed (Spit) to GoFish!

  • Directions & Places

    Giving and receiving directions

  • Gehn's Labyrinth 2

    Maze game with maps

  • ES 5th Year Review Jeopardy

    A Jeopardy style review game with questions that reflect the content from New Horizon Elementary 5.

  • Directions Board Game

    Two player PC game. One player "rolls" and says the directions for the other player to move. If "Stop" is rolled, they swap. Gain or lose points depending on where you land!

  • "How can I get to....?" New Crown 1 Directions

    Simple worksheet and writing activity to practice giving directions.

  • School map Directions game

    Directions game focused on the school this time. This is just like my other directions game but now navigating a school to find the students "favorite" place.

  • Where's my Pokemon

    Here We Go! 5, Unit 8. A fun and interactive way to practice directions with your students.

  • Pokemon Town Directions Game

    A game for practicing directions (turn left, go straight, turn right at the first corner, etc.) with various Pokemon.

  • Gehn's Labyrinth - Supplement 1

    Supplementary materials for Gehn's Labyrinth

  • This is my favorite place at school!

    A quick worksheet to warm kids up to talk about their favorite place at school.

  • Let's Try 2 Unit 8 School Map

    A school map you can use to let students practice giving directions.

  • This is my favorite place (Let's Try 2)

    A map for practicing directions and different places around the school.

  • Where are the Pokemon?!

    In teams, students direct the ALT, or whoever is running the slideshow, through various school layouts searching for a specific pokemon.

  • Disney Directions (NH1 - Let's Talk 3)

    Students ask for and give directions around the Disneyland Park

  • 1st Person Maze

    A game to practice directions and spatial reasoning.

  • Where is the post office? Directions game

    Simple directions game. Click the buttons to take the "player" to where he needs to go!

  • The Harry Potter Train Game (New Horizon Vers.)

    A game to practice giving directions for train lines related to New Horizon 2 (p. 81)

  • Which Way to Go? (Keynote Edition)

    This is a version of Lucasmh`s wonderful direction game that works for Keynote users like myself. Full credit: https://www.altopedia.net/activities/1270-which-way-to-go.

  • Pokemon Memory Maze

    Simple powerpoint maze activity to practice "turn left, turn right, go straight"!

  • Where is Pusheen?

    Give directions to help Hello Kitty follow Pusheen around town.

  • Osaka Subway Map Race

    Race to find the next station using the Osaka subway map! It's a group race game using directions. It uses the grammar "Could you tell me how to get to ~" "Where is ~" .

  • Pokemon Maps - Oh no Kabigon!

    Students practice giving directions in pokemon themed maps with Kabigon (Snorlax) blocking paths.

  • The Harry Potter Train Game

    A fun speaking activity set in Harry Potter's world of magic where the students can apply their direction-giving skills from page 28 of Sunshine 3 (2021).

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