Pusheen's Adventure

Students choose their own adventure in this reading activity.

Submitted by meglamb

June 23, 2021

Inspired: Choose Their Adventure

Inspired: Pusheen's (PowerPoint) Adventures

Inspired: Pusheen's (PowerPoint) Halloween Adventure!

Estimated time: 15-30 mins

Print the worksheet

optional Print cards for each group before the activity. It gives them all a visual reference to use during the activity, but it's also on the back of the worksheet, so if you think they don't need both, you can skip this!

I think it's really helpful if the JTE knows exactly how this activity will run, in case you need their help explaining (it is a bit complicated at first!)

Tell students that in their group they will make a story today using these cards.

There are many endings to this story, so every one will have a unique story.

Read the first card out loud and tell them they choose the ending. If they chose the first ending, they go to card 2, if they chose the second, go to card 3.

They should keep reading the cards until they see "The end"

Once they reach the end, you can have them write the story in Japanese to ensure comprehension, or have them write a summary. Both are quite difficult for students, but a great challenge. If time allows, have them do both!

They'll likely want to read all of the endings, so give them time to do so.

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    1. ThatOneALT July 9, 2021

      This is a great idea. I made my own story using images from Irasutoya, but it was entirely inspired by your activity. I was at a loss for what to do for this grammar since it wasn't taught in JHS before, but your activity was a huge help. Thanks a lot.

    2. ohnoko May 22, 2023

      Used this today, and my kids enjoyed the activity! Just a couple things to note:
      Card 3's translation for 'skip school' is wrong. スキップしていく means skipping to school. I think the correct translation would be サボる.
      Then just a word of warning, Pusheen's name is prettyyyy close to the katakana pronunciation of a vulgar word for a female body part. There was much giggling from the teenage boys in my classes, and I think I'll be giving her a made up name in the future to avoid this ^^;

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