New Horizon

Specific to the New Horizon textbook.

  • Forehead Cards (New Horizon 5 Unit 3)

    Students practice school subjects while guessing characters.

  • Find Someone Whose Birthday (New Horizon 5 Unit 2)

    Students search for classmates whose birthdays fulfill certain requirements.

  • Guess Who! (New Horizon 5 Unit 1)

    Students fill out a questionnaire and try to figure out who wrote it based on what things they like.

  • Whose ~? Quiz Character Edition

    This is a powerpoint presentation to practice the key sentence 30 from New Horizon English Course 1 page 72

  • JHS 2nd Year Comprehensive Translation Challenge

    This is adapted from another user's translation challenge, which will be linked. Intended for group work.

  • 6nensei Super Mario Typhoon Review

    Review typhoon game for many grammar points throughout Elementary School English lessons.

  • Blooket New Horizon 1 Units 1-11 Grammar Review

    Multiple choice questions on Blooket

  • Kahoot! Year-end Review Game for 1年生

    This is an interactive game using students' tablet/iPads via Kahoot!. Please feel free to play it. This game could be played by maximum of 40 students.

  • 6th Grade New Horizon Jeopardy

    End-of-term Jeopardy review

  • Conjunctions Activities - NH2 pg 32

    Students search for and match phrases containing "when" "if" "that" and "because." Bonus Karuta!

  • End of year review Kahoots for NH1 & 2

    2 Kahoot quizzes used for end of year review class warm ups.

  • JHS 1st, 2nd, 3rd Final Review

    Kahoot review at the end of the school year.

  • Pictures and Our Beautiful Planet

    PowerPoints and matching worksheets for pages 122-123 of Pictures and Our Beautiful Planet from New Horizon 2.

  • 6年 Hangman & What Am I? Game for final class

    Simple games using vocab from the 3rd semester as a final activity for class.

  • Many Elementary School Crosswords

    Need a vocabulary worksheet right now? Want something to hand students when you have extra time? Give them a crossword!

  • ES 5th Year Review Jeopardy

    A Jeopardy style review game with questions that reflect the content from New Horizon Elementary 5.

  • Supermario 6th Grade Full review

    full curriculum review quiz game

  • Who is your hero? Sky Brown PPT

    It's a PPT about Olympic skateboarder Sky Brown. It's based off the Unit 8 "Who is your hero?" Over the Horizon page in the New Horizons ES grade 5 textbook.

  • Review 5th grade by a board game

    Let your 5th graders enjoy this game and practice language they were exposed to during the year.

  • Agree to Disagree Opinion Activity

    This activity is based off of the point of view activity on page 99 of New Horizons 2. It specifically targets the "A is better than B" comparative and expressing agreement or disagreement.

  • Creative Writing Instagram Template

    I used this template for Stage Activity 3 in New Horizon 2 pg.118, where they had to make an Instagram post about their favorite place in town.

  • Directions Board Game

    Two player PC game. One player "rolls" and says the directions for the other player to move. If "Stop" is rolled, they swap. Gain or lose points depending on where you land!

  • Let's order some food!

    Students are put in groups and either have to pretend to be servers in a restaurant or customers and go to other groups to try order food.

  • Can/Must/Will + Be + Passive

    Short presentation and worksheet covering the auxiliary verb (助動詞) + be + passive (過去分詞) form (as outlined on p112 of New Horizons 2)

  • The Price is Right

    Team competition game about guessing the closest price of an item in a Japanese fast-food restaurant.

  • New Horizon 3 Year Review Jeopardy!

    Jeopardy style PowerPoint with questions based off the key sentences in the JHS New Horizon 3 Textbook.

  • Ultimate 5th Grade Review

    Play this Kahoot with your 5th graders to review the year's units!

  • Kahoot! Review quiz for grades 1 - 3

    This quiz covers many grammar points from New Horizon 1 -3 textbooks. There's a worksheet too.

  • Translation Challenges - Unit Review Sentences

    20 Japanese-English sentences covering each unit of the junior high school New Horizon textbooks and some full textbook review questions.

  • My favorite place (NH2 pg118) Scavenger Hunt Essay

    an essay writing activity

  • Dice Game Review

    Students roll a die and answer the designated question. Great for a quick review and covering a wide variety of questions.

  • Sounds and Letters Ball Toss

    A super simple activity in which you choose a letter and have students say as many words starting with that letter as possible.

  • ES 5th grade U7 Kahoots

    I thought I'd leave the kahoots I've created for 5th grade, unit 7. I hope these are useful to you!

  • Alphabet Flashcards

    Alphabet FC for Grade 4-6th , Textbook New Horizon

  • Adverbs & Daily Routine Practice

    Practice both adverbs of frequency and daily routine with these activities, all in one presentation!

  • Passive Form Writing Practice (NH2)

    A short presentation and writing exercise covering passive form (New Horizon's 2 - p107)

  • Animal Crossing Digging NH3

    End year activity for 3rd grade New Horizon

  • (I wish...) (If I were...) Subjunctive Mood Game

    Quick warm up activity for reviewing the subjunctive mood/modal verb.

  • My Future, My Dream Find your Team Game

    Students practice asking and answering questions covered in Unit 8 of the New Horizon Elementary 6.

  • As ~ As Comparative Activity

    Dirrectly inspired from Silverflower18's As ~ As Comparative worksheet and activity style.

  • Top 5 activities

  • Welcome to Kirby Cafe!

    Practice ordering food and asking about menu prices, featuring Kirby Cafe!

  • Prepositions with Mewo

    An activity practicing the use of by, on, in, in front of, behind, and under

  • Zombie Game

    A no prep speaking activity in which students play janken, try to avoid becoming a zombie, and have a great time.

  • Animal Crossing Sugoroku!

    My take on badartist's board game, Animal Crossing(Forest)-ified and applicable for a general year/unit review! Collect fruits and bells, avoid Tom Nook, and roll--and dig--your way to the goal!

  • Mission Impossible

    Review activity that can easily be adjusted for different units or year levels. Grammar and vocabulary review or just grammar review.

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