Find Your Boss

Help students find their bosses.

This activity is a combination of job-related activities I found here and on other websites. Our students loved this so much, probably too much, we had to do other versions to satisfy them.

  1. Print, cut, and laminate (or put in clear plastic sleeves) the cards attached to this activity. There are 2 sets of cards, one for the job seekers and one for the bosses.
  2. Before handing out the cards, we explained the situation that they only have 3 minutes to find their boss if they don't want to be jobless. The job flashcards were on the board then we showed the company/workplace cards and asked them which job matches the workplace. We did it for every card making sure that they knew which job belongs to what workplace.
  3. For demonstration, we gave three workplace cards to three students at the front while my JTE and I pretended to be the job seekers. We informed the ss that the workplace card holders are the bosses and we must find our bosses by saying, "I want to be a/an (the job card)." If it was a match, we asked the bosses to say "Yes!" and "No!" if otherwise. If your students are able to say, "Yes. You're hired!" then it's better.
  4. We then divided the class into two groups and handed out the cards, facing down on their desks. We explained that for it to be fun, they must not show their cards to other job seekers and bosses.
  5. We asked all students to stand up but only the job seekers will move and tell each boss what they want to be until they find their match. For the first round, we asked those who found their partners to sit down. That way, we were able to help the remaining students who were still standing. After 3 minutes, they switch roles.
  6. For the next round, everything was the same except we asked the job seekers and bosses who matched to go to either me or the JTE and say the sentence together. Only then they can clear the round and sit down.


After introducing and practicing the question, "What do you want to be?" We informed the students that it was time to find their workers. The situation was their companies are growing and they need to find the right person to join their company. In this version, we asked all job seekers to remain seated while the bosses go around asking the question. We also asked those who found their match to come to us, the "Final Boss" to ask if they can work together. We gave the sign of approval when the boss was able to ask the question and the job seeker answered. We also made sure that their cards really matched.

Please feel free to change the activity and cards as needed.

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