Be verb

I am sleepy. Are you happy?

Japanese name: Be動詞 (be doushi)

I am hungry.
You are my friend.
He is a rugby player.

The verb “to be” is quite important in English, as you can imagine. It’s one of the first grammar points taught to students in the course of formal English instruction. Unlike Japanese, it has to be conjugated depending on the subject. This can be challenging for students, but they will gradually build familiarity over many years of practice.

“Be” is also used as an auxiliary verb in many other grammar points, but this tag only applies to the basic usage of the verb.

  • Battleship for 1 nen Are you..?

    Are you__? questions battleship.

  • Guess Who? (Are you~, Do you~, Can you~)

    This game is based on the Guess Who board game, and meant to get the students to practice communication using the grammar points from New Horizon 1 Unit 1.

  • New Horizon 1 Review Unit 0-2 Kahoot!

    Kahoot! quiz for New Horizon 1 Unit 0-2

  • Quiz - "Are You?" OR "Do you?"

    Short presentation to review the difference between "are you...?" or "do you...?"

  • Self-Intro Anime Version - I am...

    A short self-intro video clip of a few anime characters.

  • Guess Who - Are you, can you, do you?

    A quick 'Guess Who' activity using 'are you...?', 'can you...?' and 'do you...?'. Perfect for reviewing this grammar for 1st Grade JHS.

  • Are You...? Bingo

    Short warm up bingo practicing "are you...?"

  • Spot the Difference! Worksheet

    Students look at two pictures (before and after pictures work well) and describe the differences by using "There is/are" and "There was/were."

  • Animal 3 Hint Quiz

    Simple and entertaining 3 hint quiz using animals and Be verbs.

  • Countries - Where do you want to go?

    Introduction of some countries

  • Kahoot Quiz JHS-1 Be-present tense

    A very simple quiz using the present tense of be. The majority of the questions are fill in the missing part of the sentence. With a few asking for the correct form of be with specific pronouns.

  • Junior High School 一年生から三年生まで Lesson 1 Review Game

    If you aren't aware of the site taysteachingtoolkit.com, it's amazing! I made a lesson one review for each level of Junior High School following the New Horizon textbooks!

  • 3-Hint Quiz/Forehead Cards (Let's Try 1 Unit 9)

    Students use colors and other simple adjectives to guess animals.

  • Forehead Cards (Let's Try 1 Unit 2)

    Use 10 common answers to "How are you?" and try to guess the character!

  • Greetings Bingo! (Let's Try 1 Unit 1)

    A very simple way to introduce the students to English and get them to greet each other over and over again.

  • Lets Try 2 Spy x Family Disguise Review

    This game is an all units review. I got the idea for the disguises from Mr Bory C.

  • Letter to Your Future Self

    First and second grade JHS students write a letter to themselves one year in the future using grammar they learned throughout the year.

  • Creative Writing Instagram Template

    I used this template for Stage Activity 3 in New Horizon 2 pg.118, where they had to make an Instagram post about their favorite place in town.

  • "Who are you?" Pictionary

    A fun way to get creative 3rd years involved in Unit 9 for Let's Try 1

  • Next Please!

    This an activity similar to GO Fish but instead with English questions. Activity objective is to learn questions indicators ( 5 W’s, How, Are, Can, Do ).

  • 5 Minute Story Relay

    A silly, quick warmup to get students thinking in English.

  • Minecraft NH1 Review

    Review Units 5-7 after winter break for 1st years!

  • Heads Up Seven Up Was/Wasn't

    Heads up Seven up modified for the classroom. Involves speaking and writing

  • Thanksgiving Day

    This activity includes a PowerPoint about Thanksgiving and a Worksheet allowing students to utilize the vocabulary.

  • Character Quiz

    A three-hint quiz in which students guess the character.

  • Daily Diary (daily questions worksheet)

    A short, simple daily questions worksheet that can easily be changed to be effective for all grade levels in ES and JHS.

  • Hello! How are you? (Starter Activity)

    Let's look at simple conversations featuring beloved characters!

  • How are you? Sugoroku

    Play a Super Smash Bro sugoroku (board game) while practicing How are you? and feelings.

  • Bingo (with variations)

    Goes with questions that have Yes/No answers (Do you?/ Are you?/ Can you?/ Will you?/ Did you?/ Have you?) Matching answers (three or more) - 1 bingo. The student with highest bingo count wins.

  • Are you~? Do you~? Tictactoe

    Students ask questions using Are you? and Do you? to play Tictactoe.

  • Weather Report Battleship

    Practice with days of the week and weather for new/young learners.

  • Here We Go! 一年生 Unit 2 Club Activities

    The warm-up, small talk, conclusion slides will all be the same, but the content changes per lesson. I wanted to post this for others like me who would benefit from a solo-teaching PowerPoint example.

  • Are / Do / Can - review 2

    Affirmative, Question and Negative forms

  • Are / Do / Can - review 1

    Quick written review of these types of sentences. Question form and affirmative form.

  • Guess Who - Are you, Do you, Can you?

    Guess Who worksheet made for end of Unit 1 review for JHS textbook New Horizons - 1, with optional Writing Practice page.

  • Negative Be Verb/ Do Verb Writing Race

    Students differentiate between negated be verbs and do verbs in a writing race

  • Are you...? / Do you...? Bingo

    Get the students to recognize the difference between the two types

  • How are you? Where is the character game.

    Students guess which feeling a character is hiding behind by saying "I'm --.". There are 10 questions.

  • 4 pics 1 word (Jobs and Professions)

    This is from the mobile application, 4 pics 1 word. This is for the students to practice the vocabularies from lesson 10 of Junior Sunshine 6.

  • Let's Try! 2 ~U7 Review Questions

    Reviewing at the end of Unit 7? Here are some questions you can ask the students during review.

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