Question sentence

Are you hungry?

  • Hanukkah presentation and quiz

    A fun and informative presentation to teach students about Hanukkah!

  • New Horizon Grade 1 Unit 7 Review

    This is a review of NH1 grade 1 Unit 7 key sentences and grammar.

  • Let's make a pizza!

    An activity for "Let's try 2 unit 7".

  • Similar (but different) Verbs

    An activity that aims to explore the differences between "look", "see" & "watch"; "hear" & "listen"; "speak" & "talk"; and "say" & "tell". A short revision quiz follows the examples.

  • Does He/She

    A writing activity for students to learn to ask and answer questions

  • What ~ Do You Like Dice Game

    Students roll dice and take turns asking what they all like in relation to the corresponding dice side

  • NH2 Unit 5 - Can you tell me where to buy bread?

    In groups, students use their tablets to find the answers to the question. Students then practice the target grammar with the ALT or JTE.

  • Kirby Food Slice - Keynote Edition

    A food game using the target language "What do you want?"/"I want ________". Original game by: Lucasmh. Adjusted for Keynote users.

  • Story String

    Students create their own story in English!

  • Ordering in a restaurant

    This activity will introduce restaurant vocabulary to students and includes a script on how to order in a restaurant.

  • The Harry Potter Train Game (New Horizon Vers.)

    A game to practice giving directions for train lines related to New Horizon 2 (p. 81)

  • NH Let's Talk 1, Can I/ Can you...

    This is a simple Powerpoint to go with the worksheet (posted by deedeek) for the Can I/ Can you...? Let's Talk 1 grammar point, page 64, New Horizon 1.

  • What do you want to be?

    This is a fun activity to practice job names. Students must guess the picture behind the tiles.

  • Are there~ Is there~ in my country?

    I divide the class in 6 groups. I`ll let them guess if there are any stores like Mcdonald`s, sushiro, etc. in my country (Philippines). You can change the quiz depends on what country are you from.

  • Is he/she? worksheet

    You can use this conversation activity for Unit 4 -Part 3 of the textbook Here We Go 1.

  • Halloween Guess Who

    It is the spookiest time of the year and there are monsters about in the classroom! Students will be placed into pairs and must determine which monster their partner is!

  • Can You/Can I Card Game

    Short activity for Let's Talk 1 (New Horizons 1) that drills the grammar "Can I~/Can you~" in a speaking activity.

  • Useful Expressions: Shopping (for clothes)

    A companion warm-up activity for "Useful Expressions" on page 75 from One World 2.

  • Zombie Challenge

    Zombie game with a powerpoint

  • Which do you want A or B? Eat it all

    Students practice "Which do you want A or B?" "I want A." conversation and try to get all the food on the menu.

  • Who is the man shouting in front of the class?

    Full credits are given to JakeW for this information gap activity.

  • Super Card Collection!!

    This was based on an activity from the old site that was called, "Thick as Thieves". I made it into an actual card game. The aim is to try to collect 4 cards of each type in a particular category.

  • Practice Stationeries with Yokai Watch !

    This works well with Let's Try 2's lessons about stationery items. Review different stationery, play a simple guessing game, then ask Yokai spirits if they have stationeries.

  • Where is the Post Office Worksheet

    A simple worksheet meant for partner work, where students place locations on a simple map and guide each other.

  • 'Have to/ Has to'

    A pair / information gap activity followed by fill-in-the-blanks and a short writing activity. The theme is Merida and her triplet younger brothers from the Disney-Pixar animation, Brave.

  • The Halloween Scene

    A Halloween-style Busy Scene poster using the Relative Pronoun.

  • Quiz and Survivor Game 'Does she play it?'

    A quiz to introduce 'Does Questions', Survivor Game to practice and then some writing as a follow up.

  • Gerunds Practice Sheet

    Worksheet covering the grammar highlighted on p62-64 of NH2

  • Classmate interview "have to"

    Using the question form, ask your classmates and create interesting sentences.

  • Character Quiz

    A three-hint quiz in which students guess the character.

  • ALT's Pencil Shop

    An activity in which the homeroom teacher and ALT open a shop of classroom items so the student's can practice "Do you have a 〜?

  • (Which pronoun?) Introduce someone you like

    Get the students thinking about whether the pronoun is the subject, object or possessive and learn to use the correct pronoun while introducing someone or a group they like.

  • Black Box

    A fun activity in which students give hints to a student who is touching an unidentified object that everyone else knows.

  • Osaka Subway Map Race

    Race to find the next station using the Osaka subway map! It's a group race game using directions. It uses the grammar "Could you tell me how to get to ~" "Where is ~" .

  • What time do you ~~? Interview

    Students will become 1 of 5 foreigners, each with varying daily schedules. Their goal is to find the other 4 foreigners and learn about their schedule through a series of interview questions.

  • It's Talk-o-clock!!

    A full lesson based on : "What time...?" questions

  • Does your mother know...?

    A group "write and race" to practice word order for indirect questions

  • Memory Game: Whose bag is that?

    Students in group work as one to remember all the objects in the pictures that their classmates show.

  • Where is...? / Where do you...? Quiz

    In this first year activity, students practice how to construct 'where' questions. They work together to think of a question that matches the answer. Points are given for accuracy and creativity.

  • What Do You Know?

    Worksheet focusing on indirect questions. Created to review some of the grammar outlined on P59-61 of New Horizons 3.

  • Top 5 activities

  • The Harry Potter Train Game (New Horizon Vers.)

    A game to practice giving directions for train lines related to New Horizon 2 (p. 81)

  • Which do you like X or Y? Interview Map!

    Students ask their friends if they like _____ or _____ and follow down the map with a colored highlighter/pen/pencil/crayon.

  • English Conversation Board Game

    A bright and colorful board game focused on getting students to converse in English.

  • Comparative Quiz!

    A team game where the students choose which of two answers they believe to be true.

  • Snakes and Ladders

    A3 Snakes and Ladders board with card sections for use as a review activity.

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