Question sentence

Are you hungry?

  • New Crown 2: Talk 5: Can I help you?

    This is an extension activity for New Crown Talk 5. The lesson reviews the textbook material and then students practice real life "problem scenarios" together using cards and partners!

  • Throw the Ball: Question Game

    How do we play? Throw the ball to anyone! Keep passing the ball around. When the teacher pauses the music, you need to answer a question in English. Do your best! Correct answers get stickers!

  • Guess Who! (New Horizon 5 Unit 1)

    Students fill out a questionnaire and try to figure out who wrote it based on what things they like.

  • Is it Cake? (Let's Try 1 Unit 8)

    Students attempt to guess which objects are real and which are cake, inspired by the brilliant Netflix series of the same name.

  • Practice Comparing:Better and Best

    This was a one-off activity I did with my second-grade junior high school students to practice comparitive and superlative speech in a fun way! It follows think-pair-share format!

  • Team Rocket Attack

    Colors, Foods, Weather, Days

  • Guess Who! (Let's Try 1 Unit 5)

    Students fill out a questionnaire and try to figure out who wrote it based on what things they like.

  • JHS 2nd Year Comprehensive Translation Challenge

    This is adapted from another user's translation challenge, which will be linked. Intended for group work.

  • Kahoot! Year-end Review Game for 1年生

    This is an interactive game using students' tablet/iPads via Kahoot!. Please feel free to play it. This game could be played by maximum of 40 students.

  • 6th Grade New Horizon Jeopardy

    End-of-term Jeopardy review

  • Future Tense Fortune Telling Activity

    Teachers tell their students' futures by drawing cards. Students ask and answer each other about the fortunes.

  • Mario Mystery Box

    geared for 4th grade

  • Deal or no Deal - Quiz Game

    A flexible quiz show style presentation that allows students to practice and review anything you like.

  • Student Made Kahoot

    Students write their own English questions about themselves or their favorite topics for a fun end-of-the-year Kahoot quiz.

  • Mario Mystery Box Review Quiz G3/G4 ES

    Mario themed mystery box end of year review quiz for grade 3 or 4 ES.

  • Who are you? Monster Game

    This is for the 3rd grade's LT1 Unit 9. My own version of Tay's Teaching Toolkit Spy Game.

  • "Who are you?" Pictionary

    A fun way to get creative 3rd years involved in Unit 9 for Let's Try 1

  • Next Please!

    This an activity similar to GO Fish but instead with English questions. Activity objective is to learn questions indicators ( 5 W’s, How, Are, Can, Do ).

  • Conversation Test - Assessment Card Template

    Template for teacher- and self-assessment in conversation tests.

  • Are you a skunk?

    A mix of Zombie Game and the theater game Skunk.

  • Let's Try 1 Unit 9 "Who are you?" Guessing game

    This is a speaking activity I used with my 3rd graders. Feel free to revise it as you see fit.

  • Guess Who (Speaking Activity Game)

    "GUESS WHO" Each student selects a character and writes it down without showing it to their partner. They take turns asking yes or no questions until they can guess which character is the correct one

  • Dice Game Review

    Students roll a die and answer the designated question. Great for a quick review and covering a wide variety of questions.

  • Who is he/she family members

    An information gap activity to practice "Who is he/she?" question and some family members

  • My Future, My Dream Find your Team Game

    Students practice asking and answering questions covered in Unit 8 of the New Horizon Elementary 6.

  • Conversation Hearts Warmup Game

    A "Hello-janken" style warmup game with a Valentine's Day twist!

  • My Strange Vacation

    A fun interview activity to practice past simple questions.

  • Find Your Perfect Match (aka Speed Dating)

    This is a speaking activity where students must roleplay as characters, in order to find a date for Valentine's Day. Once they find their match, they complete another activity as a couple.

  • Guess Who Character Sheet

    Just a worksheet with 25 different characters.

  • Who am I? Zodiac Animals Quiz

    Simple quiz to practice Who am I?, zodiac animals, and body parts.

  • What do you like Pirate Game

    Multiple teams compete as pirates fighting to survive by answering questions.

  • Past Simple Practice!

    This presentation reviews some common past simple verb forms and also introduces the question forms with the help of some practice sentences.

  • Hot Potato Q and A

    A flexible game that practices asking questions and getting answers.

  • Magic Words (Inspired by: "Werewords")

    One student has a "magic word" that the other students must guess. They can only ask yes or no questions and the student with the magic word can't speak.

  • Minecraft NH2 Review

    Use a minecraft map and interactive mini games to test ss knowledge of NH Units 2-5

  • Find Sonic Warm-up Game

    One of my favorite warm-up games on this site is Mr.Issei's Legend of Zelda: Link's Pot Smashing Game. I just changed the graphics and theme. Please check out his original game.

  • Fortune Flowcharts

    A flowchart of questions that ends with a mini omikuji.

  • "How much . . .?" Games

    A couple games using pictures of food and prices from Junior Sunshine 5.

  • present progressive activity ~ING (animals)

    fun activity to play using ING (present progressive tense) 現在進行形

  • Comparative Competition and Logic puzzle

    Great fun teamwork games to help JHS students with comparative

  • Top 5 activities

  • Who are you? Monster Game

    This is for the 3rd grade's LT1 Unit 9. My own version of Tay's Teaching Toolkit Spy Game.

  • Comparative Quiz!

    A team game where the students choose which of two answers they believe to be true.

  • The Harry Potter Train Game (New Horizon Vers.)

    A game to practice giving directions for train lines related to New Horizon 2 (p. 81)

  • Black Box

    A fun activity in which students give hints to a student who is touching an unidentified object that everyone else knows.

  • English Conversation Board Game

    A bright and colorful board game focused on getting students to converse in English.

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